hospitality lighting Design Series Dry Goods – Design Elements

The hospitality lighting design series dry goods – design elements packaged – the primary consideration includes the needs of users and also needs to form several different items. Generally speaking.

How can we improve the lighting design methods of hotels? Especially many decoration methods, some of which can also reflect the grandeur and style of the hotel, so these methods will give people different likes, including the characteristics of the hotel itself. Especially for many friends, the hospitality lighting design effect is generally stronger than ordinary lighting fixtures. Usually, hospitality lighting design.

How to make the hotel’s characteristics good? In response to this, there have been different interpretations of the hotel’s design scheme, and based on everyone’s understanding of lighting, from the perspective of taste expression, we should first focus on the viewing effect.

Lighting effects, for example, in modern construction, lighting effects are the main lighting equipment, followed by artistic lighting, which requires lamps to be able to express the construction. Lighting effects of the same nature not only have the fundamental principle of adding flowers, but also take into account the icing on the cake, achieving brilliance and adding flowers.

For buildings of different styles, such as art lighting, it is very necessary because art lighting is often turned on with a beam of light that is “visible but not visible”. In addition, the volume and intensity of the lamp beads make it easy to install and install all different beams of light, such as hotels, restaurants, and floors with a height of 48 meters. Line lights with fixed computer light lines can be arranged on top of the building.

Nowadays, more and more LED wall washing lamps are being used in urban lighting, and the application of wall washing lamps is also quite extensive. It is precisely because the volume of LED wall washing lamps and the Guangdong wall washing lamps of wall washing lamps have always been the focus of indoor lighting. The various manufacturers of LED wall washing lamps used now also have different purposes, and a wall washing lamp has different models and application experiences.

Determine the position of LED wall washing lights by controlling the illuminance; How many years does it take to reach the wrong name without going through wind and sun during installation? Experience in selecting the lamp type and cycling for LED wall washing lamps.

Flexible selection and layout of lighting fixtures to meet different usage needs.

According to the planning of landscape engineering, carry out landscape park construction projects according to local conditions, and adhere to the responsibility of controlling the lighting and decoration of the natural environment to accept the approval of landscape engineering as the final sublimation. The landscape renovation is carried out in accordance with the current “Implementation Plan for Relevant Engineering Applications in Guangdong Province”, which proposes “strictly prohibit the indiscriminate abandonment of the existence as a building owner”. According to the landscape planning, fully grasp the laws of nature, day and night, In order to achieve higher outstanding results and achieve “distinctive landscape”, “special engineering lighting”, and “ornamental engineering lighting”. Landscape lighting will serve as an auxiliary measure to enhance and protect the environment.

When visiting landscape engineering facial lighting fixtures, the design topic is as follows: “When there is no light at night, some photovoltaic lights come on. Why is this? This is your pocket responsibility.

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