hospitality lighting makes purchasing profitable and making money easier

hospitality lighting makes purchasing profitable, making life easier to make money, and also giving benefits, making it convenient for people to consume, naturally becoming a new marketing tool. This is the magnificent turn of hotel decoration, aiming to be a groundbreaking debate among enterprises, built on the beautiful scenery in the later stage, and transferred to a six month property purchase. So how to build a distinctive and reliable hospitality lighting project? The key to brightness and lighting is this set of days with little change.

The interpretation of appearance can be set in a variety of situations. The luxury collocation of high-end decoration and the pleasing and changeable indoor environment can make the taste of urban life more specific. Price and consumer recognition, as they have made a living in the copper rice industry in the past two years, most people still have a strong acceptance of luxury goods because their integration of personality, rich colors, and even all life functions are all artificial creations and daily life, making them a classic choice. A good combination source should not only have a suitable, spacious, coordinated and balanced space, but also have a price advantage over the general public under the premise of perfect price and complete design.

The interpretation of decoration style can be set in various colors, arrangements, and other occasions. The distinct layers of gorgeous colors and golden decorations can easily achieve “fast and large” results, and the booth equipment can also easily cope with the simplicity of the time.

Abandon the cooking style of heavy block chefs, in order to reduce the variety of cooking oil used in stoves, cabinets, doors and windows, and increase the quality of life, allowing every meal to go from taste to life.

The design gives the kitchen and bathroom space a more textured feel, while the white color gives a sense of extended lines. The flexible warm light above the embedded refrigerator creates a more cozy cooking experience.

The decoration of this store has broken the simple design style of the hotel, with a partial hollow design of solid walls and practical storage space. Let more soft, sexy and delicate wood elements stack together in the overall space, fully demonstrating the growers’ demands for formaldehyde. Make the ground more vibrant, and the high-end space layout is simple and not arbitrary.

The gypsum board ceiling on the entire wall of the bedroom features exquisite details, eliminating the cute pink green color of girls. The top is adorned with a soft halo of floodlights, giving a visual sense of luxury.

The kitchen area is located on a console, which is different from the kitchen. The ground is covered with veneer, which not only has a high aesthetic value for the fireproof board on the ground, but also makes the countertop more extendable. The shape should be as consistent as possible with the geometric shape of the cabinet, and be harmonious and unified with the overall integrity of the cabinet.

A refrigerator equipped with an independent LPDEN015 part is placed in the bathroom. When the operating console is closed in the kitchen, surprisingly, the dining cabinet is opened and the food stool is forgotten. Considering the response of others, the carpet can be placed freely, providing people with a larger living space

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