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China is the image of the manufacturing industry, and the building lighting projects in various regions will be jointly formulated by the engineering society. And the annual electricity consumption in China accounts for approximately 12% of the total social electricity consumption. If the building is very high.

LED wall washing lights and LED line lights are both called LED contour lights because they have a long strip shape. Some people also refer to them as LED line lights, which are mainly used for building decoration lighting and to outline the outline of large buildings. The installation methods for LED wall washing lights are generally the same

Architectural lighting: Match the lighting techniques with the exterior of the building, and use appropriate tones to reshape the interior. Our common individual lighting methods include projection lighting, internal lighting, and external lighting.

How to select light sources based on the functional areas of different buildings? The working principle of a light source is to separate various light sources and concentrate light around them for illumination. We can install some LED wall washing lights or floodlights on the building columns. The lighting design of the facade of a commercial street should be considered.

Color temperature; Brightness; Perseverance; Compared to other main uses. The light color is higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps, and metal halide lamps require less protection against low glare, which can differ significantly from the effectiveness of protecting wallpaper.

The selection of lighting fixtures should be based on the surrounding natural environment, mainly to enhance the characteristics of the building. High quality lighting fixtures will be installed locally on the exterior walls of the building, improving the overall architectural atmosphere.

The surrounding environment can increase the reflection glare of the light source and guide the light of the lamp; Typically, the lifespan of a lamp is 100 hours, rather than the first two hours.

The appearance, brightness, and quantity of over 70% of the light should use special techniques, except for efficiency, total luminous flux, selection and installation method of lamps, which all exceed your standards in terms of optimal cost-effectiveness. If too many lighting fixtures are used for urban building lighting and landscape lighting, it may lead to increased glare and glare, which increases the characteristics of the building, as a prerequisite for optimizing the lighting environment.

According to relevant historical statistical data, the light pollution problem caused later on cannot affect the living environment of the existing light environment. It is more important to pay attention to the use of stable safety standards to ensure the coordination and unity of clean lighting and buildings when the lights turn on and off.

● Large screen range (stage) format: film, film, CD, and other film formats; The large screen area and small screen grouping can only be arranged under the lights. For audience seats in four or more areas, it not only affects audience visits but also damages the lighting environment; Long corridor style, ceiling style, roof style, etc. (2) General lighting requirements for wedding venues: lighting requirements for the performance area. Due to the frequent use of lighting fixtures, we need to carefully choose the lighting level. There are three types of lighting for the large screen: natural lighting with 1000W and 5000W, mainly meeting the needs of song and dance songs and movies.

Warm metal light exists in the upper part of the curtain and can also be used to illuminate the ceiling, ceiling, and other areas at the top of the stage.

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