hospitality lighting procurement needs to avoid the following logistics routes

In the past, doing hotel business was all about collaborating with a company without much relationship, and it was not advisable to have no major agency, but rather to become a commercial company. The company’s requirements for hospitality lighting are nothing more than comparisons made by year and level of transportation, brand, and manufacturer.

The hospitality lighting market has higher prices and quality than investment and sales of lighting fixtures. So you must have the ability to withstand and quality requirements.

If necessary, the hotel can customize the lighting fixtures for each period of the hotel, using prices that contain a variety of raw materials and are highly cost-effective.

For some small and comprehensive enterprises that gather funds for research and understanding fire prevention and fire protection knowledge, as well as entrepreneurs who prioritize entrepreneurship, it is definitely a unified enterprise.

Lighting is an important part of hotel decoration, and it is also an enterprise that many people do not want to have too much or not enough Lebensraum.

What are the installation methods for hospitality lighting fixtures? Today, non professionals introduced what they took photos of. The installation method of lighting fixtures must be known, and do not replace the light source randomly.

Is the plug connection of the SD2 yellow line lamp in the hospitality lighting connected properly? It is currently attached to the home lighting. Detachable and adhesive fasteners, such as stainless steel fasteners, PU connectors, PU bases, stainless steel fasteners, and customized fasteners, can be easily routed towards the waterproof box.

The selection of general lighting fixtures is not only related to the color temperature of the light source, but also to the color of the lighting fixture. Light and color are important elements in creating an atmosphere. Currently, the light and color on the market are relatively high, which is different from colored light. Therefore, in a sense, it is artificial light that is humanized and makes homes appear more warm. Colored light mostly refers to the illumination of the light on the opposite side, which increases the illumination of the space, that is, the surrounding ambient light. Colored light mostly refers to the light created around it, which is essential for bedrooms. Colorful light refers to the maintenance of light around it, which affects its texture. Colored light refers to the measurement of the degree of uniformity of the light, and the popular point is to measure whether it is uniform per square meter, whether it is higher than the ambient light of the country, and whether it is based on the colors that people of actual age or those living in their hometown like. Colored light refers to the intensity, angle, color, and shape of objects that need to be determined based on design, that is, the psychological state of people who are usually passionate, like, and pursue life, and all of the above situations require the use of colored light. By enhancing the sense of spatial hierarchy through the above 5 principles, you further meet various sensory needs and create more promising lighting for colors and users.

The soft yet bright light stimulates the sense of spatial hierarchy, allowing the hallway and living room to be enhanced by bright tones, and enhancing the height of the space with the embedded lights in the living room. The strong and warm light not only provides softer light to the master bedroom space, but also strengthens the overall atmosphere of the room, providing a high-quality and comfortable living environment for dining/family and friends to install lighting fixtures.

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