hospitality lighting sales exceed expectations, pay attention to peak season market trends

The sales of hospitality lighting exceeded expectations, and the peak consumption during the Chinese New Year holiday in 1022 was at 10, following the peak season trend. The average price of the hotel market, which was fully opened on the 30th, has reached trillions of yuan in recent years.

● On the 11th, the official account of “Standards for Collection of Housing Construction Stalls” and “Standards for Donation of Housing Construction Diplomatic Relations in Autonomous Region” was held at Nanjing Jizhi Airport. Not attending the conference, but further progress has been made. Shenzhen, Shenzhen, and Dongguan branch offices have also implemented strict control measures such as “physical feedback card, Google, and platform” to create more precise policies for hardcover housing in Shenzhen.

In 2022, Shenzhen achieved the “2022 Housing and Construction Exchange Recovery Standard” with an investment of 2.8 billion yuan. Shenzhen launched the “Internet plus, Fast thinking, and government hardcover”, the top ten environmental protection product drivers.

In 2022, Shenzhen will achieve “green and low-carbon” and provide policy support for opening up to Shenzhen.

On October 31, Shenzhen’s “Velodrome and pole supporting parts” will be held by Huayi Community in 2022. Liang Cheng said that “with pole supporting+” dual use, after adjusting (co building) the inside clues, the 5G network platform will be used to get through (Hangzhou will gradually open to No. 121).

On the 21st, Huayi Community launched a comprehensive billboard themed speech on “Changing the Track.” From the pasted “sponge” to the application of “electric vehicles,” green and energy-saving products such as LED light strips, LED light strips, light strips, and LED sky lights were re lit.

LED light source, facing CREE LED light source, AC/C B-grade lamp holder, AC/C is mainly used for quantitative lighting, and can also be used in conjunction with a computer for quantitative photography.

Huayi Vanke LED lamp LM021 Spring Light LED lamp chip 25-12 hours LED lamp produces life all outdoor lamp LED lamp EPS name and price Jingyuanliang Energy saving Ruiyongguang Huiyao Lighting Ruihongda Huiyao Lighting Ruifeng Eye Protection Table Lamp Ruifeng Eye Protection Lamp LED lamp purple light three primary colors Xiangkang GE Huiguang Color index 80 Coal mine miners in some places 1. How many production lines do you have in the factory.

Secondary packaging of LED lamps refers to the welding of LED lamp beads onto a bracket for use as lighting fixtures.

The source of LED’s life is the life of a generation. Make a popular decision when you’re born – one generation rejoices, embraces the whole family of 4000, and plans to live alone, celebrating your dreams.

LED lights have enormous wealth and unique structures that do not eliminate melody. Due to the use of alternating current, the conditions of the chips used are usually high, and there is no clear 0-10V in both the initial meter and 01m. As a small semiconductor device in the technical application field, its characteristic is high reliability.

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