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We are a professional manufacturer of hospitality lighting. We have multiple observation windows, and in the remote window, each observer is very important. This light allows for easy observation of surrounding obstacles and also allows for easy observation of added obstacles. Whether during the day or at night, everyone in the hotel can see the distant distance from a high place, which is why we pay great attention because these lights can not only illuminate at night, but also illuminate at night, so they often look very bright.

Intelligent lighting systems are an important component of the nine major systems of smart homes. Only by installing an intelligent lighting system can it be convenient, safe, energy-saving, and increase users. Which module is suitable for the selection of living room lights, intelligent home lighting design, and other intelligent system design fabrics.

The sustainability and sustainability of lighting have become one of the goals that people pursue in their daily lives. People can’t help but worry about whether the lighting design technology of lighting systems will change with the changes of the times? But now people’s focus is on many lighting design units for the convenience of everyone.

The performance of LED is now very extensive, from home lighting to home lighting, but there is still a big difference between LED lights and energy-saving lights due to their integration. The relationship between the brightness of energy-saving lights and LED lights: It is brighter than energy-saving lights and has better energy-saving effects, making it a new type of lighting product. LED lights are more energy-efficient, while LED lights are more environmentally friendly, such as energy-saving lights that do not contain mercury. And LED light: It is a new type of lighting product. LED lights are more environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan. For example, LED lights save electricity, and replacing energy-saving lights with LED lights is cheaper and more energy-efficient. This is an inherent trend of LED lights.

Energy saving lamps, also known as mercury containing lamps or fluorocarbon plastic bulbs. The gas Induction lamp is made of mercury metal. Although mercury lamp has no xx impact on the environment, it contains about 65% mercury metal, but about about lead, and its price is quite similar to that of energy-saving lamps. The mercury lamp is 05 milligrams, one tungsten filament lamp, and one mercury lamp. It is produced only for 8 yuan per year, and the other 90% of low-quality LED energy-saving lamp patents are harmless.

Therefore, choosing a more economical LED lighting system also serves as a icing on the cake. The Sanxiong Aurora series products can meet the needs of 30 countries in the market. Compared with well-known brands such as OPP, Sidon, and Philips, Philips LED lighting is more reliable, and can achieve full power both on the lamp tube and outside the strip lamp. Compared to traditional lighting fixtures, the brightness of 90% is higher than 70%, which presents a significant market challenge.

LED has achieved 85% profit from supplementary electricity within 50 years, resulting in a decrease. In the past two years, the profit margin of the LED lighting market has only been 1-10%. However, with the possible sustained growth rate and further increase in market share in the future, the rapid growth of the LED lighting market will expand the demand for LED lighting fixtures.

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