How attractive is this bespoke lighting market to capital?

How attractive is this bespoke lighting market to capital? What are the advantages and characteristics of LED light strips, LED light strips, and LED light strips, and the available capital markets. One lamp can be many.

High energy consumption: The internal raw materials of LED milk cup lights are very energy-saving and clean, and will not cause pollution to the environment. It is also beneficial for certain electrical appliances, synthetic handles, and.

Low thermal resistance: Traditional T8 lamps can only dissipate heat through one heat sink, while LED lamps can only dissipate heat through one heat sink. This summer, the power is generally high and low. However, LED candle holders are very hot.

Flexibility: LED candle lamp track type LED spotlights can be embedded and installed according to needs, which can utilize the space in the home and make it more atmospheric. LED light cups can not only popularize commerce, increase corners, but also reduce corners and reduce popularity.

Efficient and energy-saving: LED fluorescent lamps save up to 45% electricity, which is 10 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. The same lighting effect, LED fluorescent lamps use LED as the light source, which has a long lifespan and is an energy-saving product.

Long service life: LED candle light is made of Graphene (packaging) material working at ultra-high temperature, and then is finally made through epoxy resin packaging (pouring) and lamp body structure. For example, our LED candle lights use cleaner Graphene (deposited with natural resin), so the service life of LED candle lights is relatively long.

LED candle lights use ultra-high brightness light sources and high-end alloy shells to ensure product stability and elegance, while also providing users with a safe and reliable heat dissipation environment.

Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, LED candle lights are mainly made of ultra bright LED chips and a silver LED bead. LED candle lights have better light efficiency and color tone than traditional decorative methods, and can change the light, making the space appear spacious and well decorated.

Compared with the common LED candle lights on the market, the LED candle lights have much lower heat generation. For example, the interior of an LED candle light includes a silver white bead that emits a small current and can burn metal materials, making the light bulb quickly light up, making the LED candle light more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. So, the common LED candle lights in the market are purchased by wholesalers.

In addition to the advantages of the above two types of LED candle lights, the dimming and luminous angle of LED candle lights are also better than traditional LED candle lights, as they are already well used in areas such as local lighting, landscape lighting, and stage decoration. In terms of dimming and luminous angle of these LED candle lights, it highlights local lighting and is a very useful and prominent dimmer.

LED candle lights use LED beads as the source of light, which are generally the least used. LED candle lights use LED lights as the light source and use LED (Light Emitting Diode) as the luminous body, known as spotlights. Its biggest feature is its high brightness, much like a laser light, so its brightness is usually around 350W, especially suitable for large spaces such as stages, bars, shopping malls, etc.

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