How can hospitality lighting sales capture customers?

How can hospitality lighting sales capture customers? Indoor lighting instructions for users and objects. Find the main person and object inside the room to illuminate people’s emotions. After completing the night scene lighting project, one can still hear the brushing between people, objects, and beauty.

How to do hospitality lighting design KM-10612 is a favorite commercial buyer, providing one-on-one professional indoor lighting planning solutions tailored to your needs, with full insurance for construction workers and project acceptance. Lighting is a prerequisite for sending professional units to work, allowing you to freely construct and meticulously create lighting for you.

How to do a good job in every lighting project and how does the bank design and develop it? The lighting engineering provides a complete set of engineering, but the basic engineering is better for lighting fixtures.

Introduction to basic lighting knowledge in hospitality lighting design, Shengjingguang will analyze the decoration effect for you, and provide you with suggestions on decoration thinking. hospitality lighting design companies are aware of the current mainstream lighting fixtures.

Firstly, in terms of lighting design, everyone’s understanding of commercial value, space, color, and space should be clear at a glance. This is a pursuit, while neglecting the design concept of light. Traditional lighting does not adjust light for the needs of others, which can waste manpower. On the basis of improving spatial lighting, increase the basic lighting of the space.

Commercial lighting design is about the lighting design of public spaces, commercial spaces, and teaching venues. It is well known that commercial lighting is a lighting method that reflects the information of enterprises. If a large number of energy-saving fluorescent lamps are used to decorate the commercial atmosphere,

Commercial lighting design scheme is more concerned with cost and reflecting space. In order to better meet the lighting Functional requirement of its own space, and to better highlight the theme space to create a lighting atmosphere, we can also use auxiliary lighting and building facade technology to improve the lighting design scheme, so that lighting designers can achieve a free ride.

Through professional and meticulous lighting design, our design team can better make the lighting brighter, more environmentally friendly, and have a longer lifespan, effectively shortening the primary and secondary layouts.

In addition to high-quality lighting, we can also add different levels of lighting effects according to the needs of the owner, giving the lighting a sense of hierarchy.

This year’s Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition, we exhibited booth number “B2C”: booth number “B2C”

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