How can the hospitality lighting industry break through again

Focusing on the intelligent lighting industry, helping to move forward! “Focusing on the intelligent control system for store lighting, integrating information measurement and control systems, comprehensive wiring, strong and weak current separation management, and space.

One product, one case, and creating value “is the residential experience area of Shili Changdi Dushu. Shili Changdi Town has accumulated a rich project experience to select professional manufacturers and provide them for partners.

The goal of Lin Min’s 2022 entrepreneurship is to create a brand new store that integrates domestic and foreign brands and creates a comprehensive brand experience, with the goal of achieving a better look for 100 people.

Exquisite Mi Jia has always cooperated with the courtyard exhibition booth to bring corresponding specifications to the new store. Equipped with a large fully licensed exhibition booth area, the booth width reaches 9 meters, and the key features of the ceiling light dance stand and large wall lamp are soft decoration and irregular booth (restaurant number: 3500).

With the rapid development of Internet, Internet of Things, Big data and other technologies, smart cities have become the most important topic in the world today. As the “new world” of IoT technology, smart lighting, taking 50 million LED lamps as an example, has become an important means of achieving basic landscape lighting and “urban lighting”. Smart lighting focuses on the “Internet of Things”, “Smart Transportation”, and “Smart City” in the transportation industry; LED lighting products lead the booming development of the industry.

Our company is very satisfied with your company’s products and their cost-effectiveness is reasonable. The design of Hengzhi Street Lamp is novel, with a unique appearance, exquisite craftsmanship, durability, good waterproof performance, and advanced comprehensive performance. It is the most reasonable outdoor lighting design and the preferred lighting product. Hengzhi Lighting Company provides enthusiastic service, better after-sales service, and fast delivery speed. Hengzhi Street Lamp is a worthwhile purchase for us.

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