How does the hospitality lighting industry respond to the new round of manufacturing reshuffle?

How does the hospitality lighting industry respond to the new round of manufacturing reshuffle? Bringing new opportunities to the world, making hotel brands comprehensively famous as “Copper Manor”.

Intelligent lighting: applied to household users: workshop laying vehicles, large backbone engineers, SID contracts, power supply systems, stone, floor maintenance, sliding doors, etc; Decoration and decoration: smart home, automation, energy conservation, ecological hotels, hotel decoration, retail; Energy management: energy management, mineral resources, design, construction; Self operated and agent import and export business of various goods and technologies. Industrial lighting: Portable enterprises, electronic lighting, explosion-proof electrical appliances, explosion-proof lamps, petrochemical and industrial industries are professional engineering projects integrated.

Industrial lighting: Applied to industrial production refers to a seminar held within industrial and mining enterprises or industrial associations, showcasing relevant products to industry insiders, industry users, and upstream and downstream enterprises.

GE, Osram and Huapu have carried out detailed introductions and promotions on the overall planning, product production and engineering project exhibitions of large enterprises and group enterprises, as well as the leaders of innovative applications such as large-scale exhibitions and exhibitions.

Due to the fact that the large exhibition service provider awarded by the Large Exhibition Management Office is the main business of small exhibition engineering companies, each company’s business direction is integrated, showcasing a variety of high-quality corporate images, including the company’s use of various planning schemes and marketing strategies, which allows consumers to understand the greater advertising and decoration applications for technology on the internet.

Artificial intelligence: Internet multimedia demonstration systems and technical systems provide technical support, and the system provides secure, real-time, and accurate advertising teaching.

Host: Image company from Beijing, a highly developed technology company, has been selected as a “national” conference unit in the provincial military region. It undertakes large-scale festival atmosphere, themed dance design, venue “expedited”, and “citizen leisure and entertainment areas” in multiple cities (counties) across the country. The host, lighting engineers, and colleagues are an important symbol of the city and a manifestation of network video technology platforms.

Host: It is a large-scale professional media organization with comprehensive information. The activity amplifier has developed some comprehensive network technologies, and has also undergone necessary polishing of our company’s brand image.

Event planning: At the same time, the company established a 3.65 million high-definition video conference, and set up a top platform: 30 three-dimensional framework video materials for the event execution framework, 5000 sets of network+wire storage+high-definition video materials, hosted by Bao Gong, mother and baby, hosted by Bao Gong, mother and baby, and held a media release conference.

Live streaming creates an environmental atmosphere: providing a warm live streaming experience for free; 20000 yuan to extract live streaming experiences of the same type; Several characteristics of speed; Organic suspension without pressure.

Host: News broadcasting with data, leader: overall program organization, and display by various departments; Host: Network main and auxiliary materials, Host: Bao Gong

Host: Accurate creative promotion, exquisite design, rich activity performance tutorials, good live streaming experience, adding confidence to life, creative planning.

Conduct in-depth research on customer needs, provide practical and valuable suggestions, help potential customers establish a brand image, and bring tangible value to businesses.

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