How should the hospitality lighting industry conduct marketing on social media platforms?

How should the hospitality lighting industry conduct marketing on social media platforms? By utilizing traditional lighting fixtures, microcomputers and peripheral radios, small party machines, and increased listening screens, a good atmosphere of “meeting guests, dining together, forums, promotion meetings, and obtaining opportunities for hosting” is created. Using non network technology combined with hospitality lighting design, utilizing various modes to create an ideal hotel or hotel environment.

Utilize graphical techniques to combine, illuminate, display, serve, steam, stage, and other segmented lighting environments for hotels and venues.

To ensure the rights and interests of customers, strengthen the quality management of some lighting fixtures production, strictly follow the production process and quality control system to carry out safety production, and carry out scientific warning construction for the natural environment and artworks. Each primary management area and intuitive network area (Zone 1 and Zone 2) shall establish a Phase 1 safety production department. In each branch section (Zone 2 and Zone 3), quality management and environmental quality management have been implemented, and sensitive character trade violations have been discovered. Efforts have been made to strengthen the public credit service awareness of local enterprises and provide pre-sales services for their value-added service distributors.

Intelligent lighting refers to a distributed lighting control system composed of Internet of Things technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control technology to achieve intelligent upgrading and energy conservation of lighting equipment. The intelligent lighting control system cleans, saves energy, reduces emissions, eliminates light color, adjusts color temperature, and improves the quality of residential life.

Switch between different lighting functional areas in all aspects of lighting to achieve an increase in the intelligence level of park lighting requirements.

Real time monitoring of lighting system facilities and equipment, real-time understanding of the operating conditions of lighting equipment, adjustment of light on/off, color temperature, and status, resulting in energy waste.

● Carry out data analysis and management, timely analyze the problems of publicity, Data dependency, energy waste, external environment changes and other aspects of personnel, and provide users with optimal intelligent solutions.

In addition to the above functions, the intelligent room temperature system should also perform comprehensive zoning control and dispatch control for the controllability of facilities and equipment. Develop automatic lighting sub control based on the various functions of the indoor integrated circuit. Based on the control devices of various lights in the indoor integrated circuit, make control decisions for illumination, timing, scene, etc., and set an emergency schedule.

A “comfortable and cost-effective” lighting system is an excellent solution that should ensure users’ peace of mind and showcase truly humanized wisdom and energy-saving in multiple dimensions. The goal of lighting should include: using educational lighting as the main means, using various lighting methods to meet the user’s perception, adjustment, or experimentation, and calculating the lighting range of user concern, as well as achieving energy-saving lighting quality requirements. It can facilitate users to store general high-quality, high-performance, and high-quality products, and assist users in achieving convenient life data. Special reminder to users that they should choose lighting fixtures with low brightness, low power consumption, long lifespan, and long lifespan. The system can help users complete diversified and intelligent lighting design, and can set and operate lighting time, lamps, intercom light circles, dimming, etc. reasonably

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