How to break through the four lifelines in the hospitality lighting industry

Accurate light distribution for macro spot lighting, solving various types of glare, enhancing the light effect of the cover surface, and making the lighting more suitable for designers.

Micro range spotlights provide precise light distribution, solve glare, and make designers more distinctive, with higher illumination and brighter colors.

Glare, also known as “Big Eyes”, leaves trouble for designers to choose, while also burying hidden dangers for the company’s own quality.

The precise light distribution of macro spot lights makes the design more distinctive, and the point light is more layered, truly achieving precise lighting design and leaving a trustworthy business card for customers.

Micro range spotlights accurately distribute light, eliminate glare, catch light shining on the wall, and achieve multiple reflections of light.

Practical ticketing “refers to the overall intelligent daily design and further implementation of comprehensive cost effective solutions, which will cultivate and apply from multiple aspects, from multiple fields to the entire design process, from design creativity to size, and from solution solving, forming a comprehensive implementation process, and then to actual hands, from design, coordination, to lamp selection, to lamp installation and complete construction.

By endowing the entire process of lighting fixtures with attributes and life value, and sublimating new techniques through the “Overview of Macro Spot Lighting”, more technical directions and functional modules have been customized for enterprises, fully meeting the lighting needs and lamp selection needs of users. In 2022, Shanghai’s micro landscape lighting design, intelligent lighting and other businesses will develop comprehensively and comprehensively, empowering more brands in the intelligent lighting industry.

Empowering the intelligent lighting industry to live a better life, establishing a complete set of scientific and healthy lighting environments for work, life, office, learning, business, and entertainment.

-On the 23rd, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government were invited to participate in the lighting design research work of the “Green Lighting Project Planning and Selection Track”.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary of the Provincial Finance Department Party Committee, and the Provincial Finance Department are responsible for providing urban lighting concepts and conducting comprehensive and careful reviews of the overall planning of urban lighting.

During this lighting design research work, the competent department of the provincial party committee should make significant contributions to the development of the city.

Strongly make the real estate brighter, free from lighting pollution, achieve no waste of energy, ensure normal social operation, and promote healthy and sustainable development of lighting and living.

Jiangxi Jiaduan Group has continuously increased its efforts in technological innovation, actively promoted energy conservation and carbon reduction, and actively implemented energy conservation and emission reduction, achieving significant results.

For lighting projects, there are mainly LED lamps, LED screens, LED buried lights, LED meteor lights, LED Nixie tube, LED magic lights, guardrail tubes, LED rainbow tubes, LED plastic barrier tubes, LED landscape lights, and LED outdoor decorative lights.

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