How to Choose a Good bespoke lighting Distributor

How to choose a good bespoke lighting distributor to avoid maintenance of expensive parts, maintain durability in recovery time, maintain integrity and effective quality, achieve more sustainable profits, and maximize energy conservation.

The order map of the enterprise website stage, enterprise brand introduction, product links, and member withdrawal statements are actually customized. For non star hotels, they are not for retail, do not require customization, and there is no retail. Because customization is required, the lighting mode is usually always customized.

The hotel supplies process is collectively referred to as the designer, who spends a lot of time and budget, and has a customized price advantage.

Truly creating Jiamei’s lighting to achieve comprehensive lighting solutions, providing users with secure, comfortable, and green bespoke lighting channels.

Business scope: hotels, clubs, villas, homestays, catering, real estate, office, leisure and vacation, real estate, horticulture industry, etc. Low focus of the company: allowing investors and engineers to enter the lighting design ecosystem to better examine the environment, create a “light+future”, and achieve the art of lighting environment in lighting design.

Innovation: The business model of co creation aims to meet the future needs of users in the lighting industry. With the corporate mission of “building a brand of branded lighting fixtures and providing lighting design services”, we promote and promote high-quality projects through engineering practice. By promoting our corporate image, we aim to make our company look larger and extend our brand concept to the service field, allowing passersby, visitors, and visitors to work together with sincerity.

Lighting Cross border: A business exchange industry that has been jointly created, with multiple alliances currently participating. In addition to home office lighting, there are also high brightness applications in commercial lighting in universities, such as KTV, Zai Lobby, Zai Bar, waiting room, or the diverse banquet halls in and out of the house. They can be flexibly combined to become their shared memories.

Urban lighting designers can provide ordinary citizens with an interactive experience of practical interaction through “light and dark decoration”, “point lighting”, and “tactile” under the illuminated lights, enriching their material and leisure lives.

In 2022, a new concept of “flirting” will be added, focusing on the design week of human life scenes, providing detailed and thoughtful data for future lighting design.

2022 Participate in the project of “Intelligent design”, “intelligent experience”, “intelligent learning”, “how to use artificial intelligence to build a good whole intelligent life”, configure well-designed product solutions for users, meet different humanistic needs, and realize the shaping of a series of achievements of education for new brain children.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics’ announcement on adjusting the decompression of the second batch of best protector connectors in the new version 25, improving and changing the layout of “old and new products”, multiple types of safety cables are connected to 5-port base stations, power interfaces, land and landscape areas, and active improvements are taken to encourage the collaborative use of multiple types of intelligent devices.

In addition to directly updating all devices commonly used by teachers such as protectors, lighting fixtures, and paper maintenance, such as answering machines, switches, sockets, glasses, etc., based on various ordinary situations, they together form a clear and surprising picture, improving the comfort of human life.

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