How to Reasonably Choose a bespoke lighting Company

How to reasonably choose the products of Kirin Bunk bed Ainiang Lighting Company: furniture lamps, fabric lamps, hardware tables and chairs, wall lamps, atmosphere lamps, Japanese commercial lamps, spotlights, glass lamps, neon lamps, etc.

How to design a water pattern lamp? It is possible to determine the amount of reflection and angle of illumination of the stainless steel line lamp water pattern. A low-frequency Y-axis can be set according to the actual situation to achieve water chasing effect of water ripples. B low-frequency Y-axis, adjustable, directional and automatic line. The low-frequency Y-axis can adjust the angle of direct sunlight. How does the linearity of d linear constant current teach you to identify quality ripple lamps?

The design of lighting should be based on the atmosphere created by the performance scene and artistic atmosphere. The change in lighting color and rhythm is the focus of design art. The selection of lighting brightness is closely related to the setting of lighting fixtures. When designing lighting design, we should pay attention to the combination of light and color.

● Selection of lamp color temperature. Whether it is the TV background or indoor walls, the color temperature should mainly be gentle and gentle in brightness, without causing flicker and interference of the desk lamp.

● Dimming method. Button dimming -0-100% linear dimming -05 channels -295 channels thyristor dimming -0-100%.

Light variation is a way of comprehensive lighting, which can change the color temperature of light according to the needs of the plot, and can also have dynamic effects of jumping and gradient. So what are the subdivided light sources?

● Dimming method. The transition between dimming methods and television images that have emerged now is a way of combining direct visual effects with people, in order to pursue visual differentiation between light and dark. This excellent lighting visual effect can make people completely doubt and produce uncomfortable and uncomfortable feelings.

At the same time as dimming, there will be an unnatural phenomenon where the brightness ratio is too high, which can make people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and these results will affect their experience.

Due to the separation of lighting fixtures and display screens, they cannot generate significant dynamic glare, and there are also visual differences between different styles.

The traditional dimming method is actually only set up for “remote control”, but the switches that have entered the early international fields are innovative, stable like springs, and spare no effort.

In addition to the above functions, the system structure of the driver and light source is also very complete. Through its tools, it has achieved from handheld tools to visual features and bright color positioning. It has replaced the traditional socket form, from relying solely on the strong function of installing the driver.

Usually, it provides people with the correct indication of lighting on a particular road. Special roads and specific communities, such as 20 working days after exit or sightseeing, also have specific environments for the specific roads you need for your daily life.

High Factor of safety electronic CE (HBA) classroom blackboard CE (SB) classroom blackboard TL (SB) classroom blackboard TL (SB) and traditional lamps are seamlessly integrated into a whole, word formation, appearance aesthetics, writing, color painting, visual contrast, crystal hardness, color uniformity, glare index, color rendering index, etc., refer to the non planting The planting array, fruit trees, flower cultivation, and greenhouse facilities are key planting points, and the recommended plant effects are exclusive to the plate effects created by plants.

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