How to Reasonably Choose a bespoke lighting Factory

How to Reasonably Choose bespoke lighting Factory Stadium Lighting Stadium Lighting? The LED club floodlight is composed of low-frequency shooting towards 415-305.

How to purchase LED stadium lights reasonably? Which is better for LED stadium lights, LED projection lights, LED floodlight manufacturers, LED projection light prices, and LED floodlights? This needs to be comprehensively selected based on the specific requirements of the engineering effect, including the use of LED projection lights and ceilings. If it is an LED projection light, there will definitely be more types of separation, which is more economical and energy-saving. The original extra control energy-saving lights usually use dual color LED lights other than LED spotlights, and LED spotlights that are super bright and particularly suitable for LED light sources. Generally, controllable silicon dimmers or LED wire slots are used for separate control, which are two types of LED lights that are relatively energy-saving, However, there are many manufacturers of dimmers, and the process of using light after purchase is different. To save electricity and directly purchase equipment is to draw pictures and exchange for a new product. Therefore, in terms of cost, LED lights are naturally energy-saving and long-lasting, which has become a balance in the price of LED lights. So after buying back the lighting fixtures, it is necessary to follow the dealer’s quality assurance awareness, and outdoor LED lights can build a very good overall. Combining outdoor lighting engineering with lighting, how high are the buildings sold in big cities? With questions in mind, everyone is constantly pondering the method of purchasing outdoor lights. Location selection of Beijing high pole lighting: Lightning rod must be set on the flange plate (foundation cage), and rain proof and Earthing system shall be set at the place where there are enough vehicles to touch the above equipment as soon as possible.

Urban lighting mainly refers to street lights. Outdoor lighting fixtures with lighting, decoration, viewing, brightness contrast, intensity division, spatial design, and its elements. The main features are: LED consists of high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, Induction lamp and energy-saving lamp.

The solar street lamp installation line should be grasped and not pulled arbitrarily, which may cause problems. Such as the phenomenon of electricity, it is not conducive to remember. Repair the zero wire and live wire, and be careful not to cut the wire by mistake. If it is found that it is easy to damage and cut, resulting in the fracture of the buckle wire; In order to ensure the service life of solar street lights, it is recommended to cover common dimming methods of “all regions” and “all over the country”. For the first destination area, such as the usual outdoor area, the lever, width, and light intensity should be adjusted to create sufficient light; for the second destination area, such as the surrounding environment, where young animals are in high intensity sports areas, soft coverage should be established to achieve orderly lighting and uniform curvature.

DC driven light source, with high-voltage AC220V and high-voltage DC. The overall lighting effect is recommended for local workers to install DC drives, but blindly seeking low voltage may not be feasible.

LED solar street lights have a greater demand for suitable lighting sources and systems. These types of light sources have good fixation, good secondary optical design, and fully utilize the characteristics of light flux utilization and chromaticity utilization of the lights.

LED street lamps are suitable for LED 127W, LM-79/100W Metal-halide lamp.

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