How to Reasonably Choose bespoke lighting Distributors

What are the advantages of choosing a bespoke lighting distributor in a reasonable way? bespoke lighting distributors have been focusing on customizing lighting manufacturers for many years. What are the issues that need to be considered when starting construction projects for large gates? Based on years of experience, which aspects should be considered when customizing street lights.

Generally speaking, customized streetlight projects include various streetlight lighting control and related equipment such as roads, landscapes, buildings, stations, hospitals, etc. The duration, duration, light, normally open, and rated lighting control methods for purchasing street lighting control and related equipment should be consistent with the duration and time division control methods for road lighting.

Regarding the detailed changes to the road lighting control unit, it is explicitly recommended to replace the original street lights. It is required to configure the original street light poles and install them firmly, with high construction accuracy. The lighting control unit consists of a main power circuit or a main control layer. The dimming control element should be able to meet the needs of outdoor lighting and general lighting. In terms of dimming control, electronic advanced controllers should be used within the road lighting control unit, and a controller (light controlled) buried device is required to be designed. In this way, it can supplement both high current and high current, thereby extending the service life of the lamp beads, shortening the light control time, and prolonging the service life of the lamp beads.

In order to extend the service life of lamps, it is necessary to extend their lifespan. The position, dust prevention, and waterproofing of the lighting fixtures meet the CE standard requirements. The design, maintenance, and replacement of road lighting control units shall not be less than 2 control units, with 25% three-phase relay output and no flexibility. Ziyang pump.

Solar insect killing lamps use solar panels as a source of electricity, storing the electricity generated by solar energy during the day and discharging it to insect killing lamps at night for their work. Insect killing lamps are designed to determine the induction wavelength of insects based on the strong phototaxis, wave taxis, color taxis, and tropism of insects, and to develop specialized light sources.

High pole lamp generally refers to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel cone shaped lamp pole and a high-power combination lamp holder above 15 meters. It is composed of a lamp head, internal lighting electrical, pole body, and some foundation. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined in detail based on user requirements, surrounding environment, and lighting needs; Internal lighting fixtures are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights.

Solar courtyard lights have good portability and a long service life, making them a powerful tool for outdoor opening, closing, process control, and landscape lighting.

The system composition of solar courtyard lights is a landscape lighting system that integrates solar street lights, WiFi, wind energy, time control, and solar power generation. It utilizes the safety of solar energy storage batteries.

Solar landscape lights use solar power generation as their power supply to provide night road lighting. They are designed with high luminous efficiency lighting sources, with light control and time control. They have the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable operation, no cable laying, no consumption of conventional energy, and long service life. They are green energy products that are strongly advocated and utilized in today’s society.

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