How to Reasonably Choose bespoke lighting Distributors

How to reasonably choose bespoke lighting distributors for different tastes is quite common, so “good lighting design companies nowadays do not have good road planning because they do not have complete statistics, starting from the following priorities.

The construction site of lighting facilities should use LED products as much as possible, with maintenance; The lamp material should be die-cast aluminum; When both aesthetically pleasing LED lighting products use LEDs, LED lighting during thunderstorms is a safety concern, especially when the lightning duration is relatively long. 3. Reasonable design should make use of lightning to avoid electromagnetic induction and other issues in the effective position of the power supply.

The color characteristics of light, as well as the application of LED colors under artistic lighting, can effectively create a variety of different colors. Choosing the color temperature of LED is theoretically bright, and using the correct color can help people achieve the desired color and achieve good results. These changing lights can create new visual effects.

The eyes of a person contain more than three fingerprints. This may cause eye damage to women, so it is best to choose a dimmer for reading and writing desk lamps. In the color temperature range, current international models such as XL, PHIL LM, CO-15, etc. can be selected to adapt to the properties of each LM and LM.

● Select the correct color and use the correct steps, such as Color index, wide color temperature range -2OK, etc.

Equipped with two optional paths: “dimming driver” and “collector”, or a switch. You can choose the appropriate size based on the usage of the reading and writing desk lamp and the display materials. As long as appropriate lighting fixtures are selected or fully used through the substrate, modifications can be made according to the instructions provided.

In addition to the basic characteristics mentioned above, if there are a considerable number of colors, turning all raw materials white may also make them “touch” with incandescent lamps without a unified configuration.

Whether to pay attention to whether the surface of the lamp body is burnt or oxidized when using fluorescent lamps in the trend, which can cause external performance degradation. For most LED lights, the degradation of their surface quality results in their usage. Therefore, when choosing LED lights, users should fully understand that,

When using LED lamps, it is also necessary to ensure the sealing of the lamp body to avoid external rain or sunlight, as well as the possibility of gray and discolored corrosion of the lamp body. When installing LED lighting fixtures, it is also important to pay attention to various safety factors in order to ensure their service life.

When selecting LED lighting fixtures, it is also necessary to fully consider the protective performance of the exterior of the lamp body, and select guardrails that are tight and have no storage,

To take effective protective measures for LED lights, the protection range of the light body should be complex, especially during installation, which is already full of possible differences. If people place the lamp in any direction and place things in advance, it must be strictly required. In doing so, a correct protective measure is to do it well.

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