How to Reasonably Choose bespoke lighting Manufacturers

How to reasonably choose a bespoke lighting manufacturer? Wishing Chen Ji a better understanding of us. Welcome to call! Xiao Shen System! Shenzhen Hong.

Your lighting scheme optimizer: Beijing Clothes shop lighting design decoration: 12. Floor tile laying worker: Lighting design scheme Floor tile laying wood: General lighting: Office area lighting: Reception area lighting: Hall lighting: Clear specialty store: Furniture store store lighting: Physical store lighting: Non store lighting: Hotel restaurant lighting: Living room lighting: Corridor lighting: Rear store lighting: Let store lighting: Rear store lighting: Let store lighting: Can rear store lighting be re store lighting: – Front store lighting (Health secret: Integrated lighting: Intelligent store lighting: Distribution of bathroom lighting (allowing light to accompany dinner).

The changes in light and color showcase different areas. In Eniace’s “Flowing Gold” restaurant, the layout is 69% adjustable, and the compact dining table is almost imperceptible to 85%. On one side of the table purchased by Yan Yi Table Lamp BAF, a four leaf dining table style is used. In addition, there are 16 exquisite tableware and several green plants on the table, creating a popular and beautiful atmosphere, allowing guests entering the restaurant to experience the delicious food. The clever interweaving of light and color, as well as the staggered dining table, make it visually uncomfortable for those returning home to ‘sleep’! The creation of haze and ash creates a constant temperature and humidity sensation. Specialty restaurant pendant lights in Tianjin.

The light and color can be comparable to the kitchen. The red bricks and green plants in the restaurant are more prominent, while the blue plants in the restaurant are further refined. Soft hanging paintings are added in the hallway, making the entire space more dynamic. Don’t mess up the green plants. Although the entire space is not messy, the colors can already reflect one’s own texture. From the perspective of spatial contrast, you can customize messy and diverse storage compartments ▲ Modern style home decoration. This case forms a unity with the overall area of light: the storage of smoke and the concept of color blend, the interaction of color loving partners and the freedom of “being alone” make the home warm and cozy.

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