How to Reasonably Choose bespoke lighting Wholesalers

The smart home system can control a customer’s answer book, even if you buy a highly cost-effective home to find a home. Good lighting effect, showcasing the patterns of the home as well. So why do many people choose smart home systems? 1. Scenario basic effect: Turn on all the lighting devices in the home, and you can see the objects of the smart home. Different lighting modes, playful linear light sources, and playful linear lights are all displayed on the tracing. Home talent trench. What other colors do you need? Figure 1

What is the approximate effect of customizing a smart home system? Due to the fact that the customized smart home system roughly includes the shape of the entire downlight (European crystal light), main body light, rotary mouth light, internal lighting, etc., it is very popular among people. Customized smart home systems may add more than one word, and even only achieve more effects in space! In the case of purchase, customizing a smart home system is unimaginable compared to the entire manufacturing process.

Smart showrooms: No longer just hypermarkets, smart showrooms can be your home’s booth. It was on this exhibition hall platform that I gradually bought it.

Looking at the current home decoration, it is necessary to install this type of ceiling. Some families choose cloud design companies to customize large-scale ceiling lighting fixtures for their owners. The so-called free decoration refers to a small hotel that can enjoy the desired effect with a small amount of lighting equipment.

Hotel lighting has always been different, requiring different lighting designs for different hotel lighting fixtures, lobbies, and scenarios to achieve the desired results. The room feng shui for hotel lighting should be comprehensive, and no matter where you sit, the lighting should have a good effect. And getting close to nature should also take a look at the bed and the comfort of the atmosphere. Some people like to lie on the sofa and look at its blinds, feeling that its comfort level is not high, so don’t stand there and look at its floor. These statements are not quite true, but they can easily enter our vision and create aura.

Color selection for hotel decoration. Try to choose natural tones and emphasize natural colors, such as crisp tones. Hotel decoration generally does not require special open flames, let alone the use of solid colors for decoration. Using bright colors mainly requires a lampshade for ventilation, but do not directly see the color tone of the hotel.

● Selection of store lighting fixtures. It is best to maintain hotel lighting fixtures and avoid using colored mercury lamps or high-quality lamps as much as possible.

When selecting lighting fixtures in the store, it is important to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Especially in the lobby, if the space is large, it often makes guests feel that there are more distant or clustered rooms, and hotel lighting chooses the lobby.

● Selection of store lighting fixtures and lighting. When selecting hotel lighting fixtures, it is necessary to match the lighting style, brightness, illuminance, display index, color temperature and other parameters. It should not only match the surrounding decoration style, but also highlight the hotel’s taste and characteristics, striving to truly display its high quality.

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