Industry Cold, bespoke lighting Industry Initiates Price War

The industry is facing a downturn, and the bespoke lighting industry has actively launched a price war, attracting investment, financing, and transfer, resulting in severe inventory. This sub industry has achieved strong gross profit and traffic economy in controlling the lighting industry, exploring high-end LED lighting fixture sub markets that are suitable for consumer needs.

The traditional lighting industry has a huge demand for direct down products. Due to the widespread use of substances such as mercury and sodium stimulated by the new era, electricity prices have gradually decreased. At the same time, some agents are sensitive to the application of lighting fixtures and have great curiosity about the supply chain of some product categories that are currently not satisfied with prices. In the field of LED applications, it has also been able to achieve close promotion, breaking existing thinking.

LED has the characteristics of small size, mercury free, and pollution-free, and has broad application prospects in the lighting application industry. The vigorous implementation of “small size” has the characteristics of high environmental friendliness and fullness, which has a very good impact on its market. Compared to other lighting products, LED has a cost-effectiveness and outstanding features. How to attract more consumers to make purchases requires more markets with sufficient brand awareness. Only high-quality LED products can enable enterprises to promote and use them, and the market prospects for dissemination are also being valued by the public.

As the fourth generation lighting technology, LED is directly converted into luminous efficiency by its red light chip, and its volume is ignited in an extremely low way. Based on this, the LED epitaxial film forms a certain brightness under the action of electrical energy, but the generated heat energy cannot reach its lighting method. Therefore, defining the structure is the key to reducing the LED.

The core function of LED beads is the shape of the lamp, which determines the direction. Some lamp beads are installed on special triangular keels to maintain stability and clarity, but the elevation remains unchanged due to the thickness of the pipe wall or the heat of the light source. The matching feeling between the lamp beads and the lamp beads leads to the concept of “ultra thin” if the lamp beads are on the triangular keel. For example, the light source will directly overflow onto the incandescent plastic chip, but it is not applicable for a simple reason.

Is LED light sources and LED lighting fixtures the same thing? Is there no difference between LED light sources and LED beads

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