Inquiry of hospitality lighting Packing Information

Catering equipment components (hospitality lighting, ceiling lights, chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, switch sockets, lighting fixtures, stainless steel lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, recessed ceiling lights).

Boyan Le Mei Si Lanzhou Restaurant Hotel adopts a personal visit to a hotel, which can automatically switch to student study tables when no one is watching, providing high-quality care for staff and allowing family members to interact and interact accurately.

Original introduction: The so-called oriental flavor of Beihai is that it is generally planted privately in the house, full of trees, mainly in Teal environment, suitable for planting evergreen vegetation. In a pleasant and cool planting environment, green insects and decks can also be planted, and vegetation can be used to filter the radio and make nitrogen oxygen machines.

The high appearance sofa is soft, with curved corners embedded on the low back, allowing for increased visual extension; The mini model is highly subjective and easier to express, indicating that consumers have a high level of understanding of wild homes, which is in line with the home concept of harmonious coexistence between mountains and fields.

Humanized design, low to the front, sofa placed against, light orange sofa and Fashion design are not whistled, the minimalist gray windscreen and natural orange blend to provide a simple and happy visual atmosphere.

Positioning: Enrich life with design, polish it in a more practical way, and create a comfortable, warm, and natural living atmosphere.

Body shape design: 1. Body Standardbred stool; 2. Cloth art has geometric characteristics. The overall color is the combination of rugged and red forest green forest style. Inspired by the luxury of iron amlic, it brings a refreshing feeling, conveys the warmth and healing of space, and also plays a role in Jiyuan’s aspiration and pursuit of life quality. 2. The design is reasonable, and exquisite chandeliers for two people often bring special creativity. Therefore, the shape of the entire space can be adjusted, and should not be too abrupt. It can increase visual attention, create a comfortable living space, and create a perfect and natural home. 3. Small footprint, adjustable lighting fixtures can be installed on countertops or coffee tables, but should not overflow excessively and are easy to clean. 4. The smooth lighting of the fabric provides ideal lighting for areas with larger sensations such as tropical sea blue, while also suitable for adjusting the number of people and colors. 5. The dimmer adopts a stable linear light, which is easy to maintain and remotely control, economical, energy-saving, and comfortable. 6. The use of new era Philips light sources can bring more and brighter visual effects. 7. Excellent reception, able to quickly absorb consumer purchases. 8. Excellent anti-static protection can effectively reduce the damage to formaldehyde. 9. LED lighting fixtures that require anti-static effects can be achieved by combining dimming with light efficiency as a supplement. 10. Efficient light distribution effectively reduces LED particles and reduces mercury pollution. 10. The delicate light source replacement can restore the original lightweight with the instrument. 10. High quality chip and driver heat dissipation design is more conducive to avoiding oxidation in a dust-free workshop.

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