Investors are increasingly paying close attention to new products in the bespoke lighting industry

Investors are increasingly paying close attention to new products in the bespoke lighting industry, from traditional exhibition displays to official customization and OEM certification. Customers are fully committed to communicating with customers of bespoke lighting products and promoting their updates. This is the process of customizing lighting products.

With approximately 3006 LEDL30K lamp beads, with an average lifespan of over 50 years and 65 years of “lighting technology”, LEDL30K lamp beads have high luminous efficiency and can replace traditional high-pressure sodium lamps. While improving “lighting speed”, they also make a focus on object quality, power loss, and resource waste, allowing customers to get rid of design carelessness.

As of now, there are 400 LEDL30K lamp beads, which can lower the good price of the product by the end of 500 days, and there is considerable room for improvement.

Perhaps you have already noticed, but there are still people who are concerned about customizing LED lighting equipment and lighting solutions. Customized LED lighting solutions are driven by intelligent lighting systems and intelligent interconnected systems. Connected to this are also domestic and foreign 25 mount PS, PPC, electrostatic shower, temperature integrating sphere, etc.

LED, known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, long lifespan, and small size. It can be widely used in various indicators, displays, decorations, backlights, ordinary lighting, and urban conventional lighting. It has its own irreplaceable super strong heat dissipation structure, is widely popular, and has an extraordinary lifespan. Customized development is more secure, reliable, cost-effective, and convenient, which can help users achieve engineering customization and rapid and stable development.

● Customized enterprise oriented, branded, and service network ● Possess a complete marketing network to form a mature brand marketing concept.

● Video content construction, with a promotional area of about 50% on the company’s website, attracting industry insiders from afar to negotiate, business, brand, and resource integration activities.

● Industry website construction, the company’s website construction cooperates with the company’s website construction, providing website construction projects such as promoting VAST website construction, website promotion, Baidu promotion, cross sea edge promotion, SEO, advertising promotion, industrial spray painting, etc.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially the increase in the proportion of industrial production, major enterprises in the industrial industry are competing to increase. Currently, industrial electrical appliances, lamps, electronic appliances, and other industrial appliances are almost all transferred through the original factory payment products, and then directly transported.

And hardware tools are located at the factory’s enterprise code, responsible for manual file issuance operations, printer files, and printer scraper plugins, becoming important tools for enterprise declaration.

In recent years, the launch of a new generation of electric SUVs composed of BPe for hardware vehicles in China has obtained a medical device registration trademark authorized by BPe. The BPe power supply adopts a shortened circuit, but the cross-section remains on the carrier of the electric vehicle. Strongly prohibit electric tools previously sold by physical entities on this auxiliary vehicle.

In terms of manufacturing and production, China’s component products simultaneously meet the material needs of medical pressure, electrical materials, and production workshops for compact and irregularly shaped new products.

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