Italian Policies on bespoke lighting Industry

Italy’s bespoke lighting industry policy, the quality and sales of LED ceiling lamp export products, let the world enjoy the advantages brought by this can not go straight. Of course, we must make our own choice, but also must compensate for the environment, especially materials and accessories, so that LED ceiling lamp can present the lure required by the brand.

There are two common types of LED ceiling lights: cover type and flat plate type, which are portable and portable. These two types of lights come in two different models. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of lights.

The selection of lighting fixtures is due to complex processes, and there are many fixed issues with material flux, such as whether to install a reflector, whether to make a lampshade, whether to make an eye mask, etc. Therefore, when selecting lighting fixtures, the transparency of the lampshade’s transparent cover cannot cause “fading” of the light, increasing the softness of the light, and causing more waste of lighting factors.

To enhance attention, in order to ensure the lifespan of the lighting fixtures, it is necessary to use a ceiling lamp shade. A sub board will be installed at the bottom of the ceiling lamp of the object, and materials that can adsorb various main accessories can be added to it – the lampshade of halogen tungsten lamps, high-pressure mercury lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps.

The ideal lighting mineral not only has good luster, but mainly is hard, no mold, no oil stains, no European style, and high-quality outdoor landscape. More importantly, it integrates the replacement of two layers of outdoor light sources into the designed lighting. The use of a beautiful appearance is inevitably the designer’s unremitting pursuit of quality of life. By using a suitable transparent cover, it can not only protect the internal light source but also balance the light, such as installing the LED lens on the lighting fixture, Can create a more transparent lighting atmosphere. Outdoor lighting fixtures Omicron.

Pure light and color, suitable for bespoke lighting in various occasions, providing every customer with a satisfactory texture.

The lamp body material is made of high-quality low-carbon steel, with a silicon content of less than 004%. Some lamps use high-quality embedded parts, which are resistant to impact and corrosion.

The transparent parts of the lighting fixtures are heat-resistant and have uniform light transmission. It is more resistant to UV, and can also guarantee snow, scratches, metal damage, etc.

• The lamps are usually buried or installed outdoors, anti-seismic on site, with safety spray; The saddle is easy to disassemble and assemble, making it safer to use

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