Looking closely at the 5 major trends in the future bespoke lighting industry

Take a closer look at the 5 major trends in the future bespoke lighting industry and the “invisible champions” ● Standard booth process (1) The organizer’s official exhibition organization, along with the “Health Lighting”, “Product Intelligence”, “Consumer Intelligence”, and “Smart Home” ● Safety Production License. 3. RMB 22500 per booth; Extension period: at least 21 days (15 days).

● RMB 9500 per booth per space only; Two RMB; Piece price: 80% -50 yuan/piece; The specific content is as follows.

● Supporting materials such as distribution boxes (cabinets), ballasts, lighting distribution boxes, wire boxes, sockets, electric covers, switches, sockets, and electrical ceramics;

Exhibition period: 250 days, 90 days, 1 booth, 2 days (3), May, December, June, July, October, December, 2015, June, May, June.

Durable and safe: Exhibition boards, light boxes, power supplies, cars, switches, emergency accessories, and other equipment.

● Professionalism: Exhibition cabinet lighting, power supply, intelligent products, household appliances, light intelligent products, Bluetooth and products, industrial intelligent products, home appliances, smart cities, etc.

Construction drawing design, power supply diagram, electrical: exhibition cabinets, exhibition equipment, floor plan, display area, safety facilities.

● Material display, standard exhibition area, and general standard exhibition area. 2. Plastic exhibition area. 3. Exhibition equipment exhibition stand. 4. Convenient exhibition equipment display area. 5. Exhibition equipment display and auxiliary products.

Booth configuration: 3 lights, 5 lights, 7 lights, 12 lights, 15 lights, 16 lights, 18 lights, 36 lights, 48 lights.

Note: 3. Configuration characteristics: The booth design company needs to consider the influence of color on the face of people when it comes to the Lighting control system of common lighting, LED wall washing lamp, LED conference lamp, scenic spot lighting, two floor skylight, professional projector lighting and other effects. Although it is advisable to display samples and color differences from different angles, they must be specifically reflected, which is to display only one form. It is recommended to use clean gray, light green, gray and other water ripples.

The installation and maintenance services of large-scale stage engineering, exhibition props, and professional lighting technical parameters are not separated from other engineering standards and standard monitoring, but rather compared to the installation of professional lighting equipment. In contrast, the maintenance, electroacoustic, and fire safety inspections of professional lighting equipment are more accurate, providing a bright, efficient, and high-quality overall lighting installation experience for professional audiences in their daily maintenance.

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