Metal Table Lamp

Metal Table Lamps

Metal table lamps are mostly made of iron. Forming of iron products mainly includes die stamping, die spinning, cold stamping, handicrafts, etc. Generally according to people’s needs, through the above methods to achieve our ideal lighting products, the color is natural color. Of all the options for iron, iron is the cheapest among other metallic materials.

For metal table lamps, we mainly want a beautiful effect. The above qualities are not found in color. But we use the second step to deal with its formed spares. Generally, we call it surface treatment, and there are methods (electroplating, baking paint, hand-painting). The cost of choosing electroplating is the largest in daily life. Electroplating products are generally high-end products, which can be plated with gold, 24K, copper, brass, nickel, pearl black, steak, etc. The unit price of electroplated metal table lamps is generally calculated based on the aspect of the product and the difficulty of surface polishing.

Painted metal table lamps are relatively cheap. There are mainly two types of powder spraying and oil spraying. According to your swatches and color samples, the powder factory can adjust them to achieve the effect you want. We are a professional metal table lamp manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us!