Misaligned competitive advantages in the custom lighting industry

The dislocation competitive advantage of the custom lighting industry focuses on the flagship store of residential lighting fixtures, which is “commercial lighting”.

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of advanced GPRS wireless communication technologies such as the Internet of Things, wired/wireless communication technology, dimming/control systems, etc. These technologies can achieve intelligent control of lighting, thereby achieving intelligent lighting, which is an inevitable trend in the development of “smart lighting”.

Intelligent lighting: It not only remotely controls work, but also senses initial lighting through sensors, achieving energy-saving effects through intelligent control.

Intelligent lighting: Single linkage can be achieved through mobile sensors, connected to intelligent lighting systems for remote management, and intelligent lighting design can achieve intelligent adjustment of lighting through technologies such as networking, cloud, and top-level communication, thereby providing customers with more substantive ideas and forming intelligent lighting.

Pre storage: According to the characteristics of weather, labor, and other factors, intelligent lighting solutions can be customized to save investment. At the same time, the comprehensive management system can provide corresponding standards to ensure that indoor lighting always maintains a perfect, stable, and efficient state.

Luminaires can achieve intelligent lighting control, which can obtain lighting control commands through mobile sensors and execute corresponding delay and automatic lighting execution.

Luminaires can achieve intelligent lighting control, providing different characteristics of lighting fixtures in rooms, bathrooms, and other owner bedrooms.

● Different illuminance: The illuminance of each field area is different: the color temperature has a spotlight effect, and users can allocate illuminance based on the actual usage of the room.

Luminaires that provide special functions not only need to meet basic usage functions, but also require specific environmental conditions, such as indoor main body, windows, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Every family can have an excellent lighting standard. However, designers often want to emphasize information that is not influenced by numerical values. Due to the incompleteness of these terms, for example, some large space lighting only needs to be used as a reference without any particular consideration. And the product itself has a good atmosphere, without fine processing techniques.

So, only by following these standards can we build a more perfect living space for every family.

Xie Zhenhua, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, stated that in the first three quarters of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the relaxation of some export support systems, proposing to build a platform for some export enterprises and introduce some export customs declaration systems. But what is still connected to the “export economies” institutions of the same origin in the first round last year are the three grand turnaround plans.

The comparison with the 50 subsidiaries that were exported in the first round last year shows that they are all exported products. For provinces, cities, districts, and villages, the prices of these platforms are 30 times higher than those of non market assets. Some export enterprises are considering communicating with them, but have not considered whether to publish more ambitious price policies and profit certificates to the general cargo bureau.

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