Moving towards the global bespoke lighting market, please do not overlook these

Moving towards the global bespoke lighting market, please do not overlook these practical bespoke lighting brands.

● Bright engineering lighting lamps ● Colorful gradual wall washing lamps ● Outdoor wall projection lamps ● Hotel outdoor landscape lighting ● LED Nixie tube.

The intelligent light control lamp uses colorful heating buttons to make it safer and more stable than metal halide lamps and sodium lamps, and can be used more or more for outdoor lighting and indoor equipment. And there is an induction switch with the power supply.

Lighting adjustment – changing the lighting atmosphere and creating a colorful lighting environment, blending and changing colors – combining lighting with decorative art and environmental atmosphere to achieve a dynamic and natural fusion of landscape lighting aesthetics.

Beautiful, the effect of the magnolia lamp is even more beautiful for people to see. The light and shadow of the magnolia lamp are already very beautiful, and the soft light of the magnolia lamp is comfortable to live alone. The mottled blue light passes through the direct light guide plate to achieve the desired effect.

The application level and development trend of square LED smart street lights must be noted: LED smart street lights, intelligent WIFI light strips, intelligent lighting systems, intelligent GPRS environments, wireless Internet of Things, and many other non-standard sets. Intelligence is based on people’s life research, which is beneficial for people to make changes to suppress current life troubles and provide more sustainable and comfortable life experiences for future consumers. How to purchase restaurant chandeliers.

The lighting in commercial places cannot be ignored. The key to lighting in commercial spaces is to create a comfortable and casual environment. The lighting of commercial spaces not only meets the needs of goods, but also emphasizes the three-dimensional packaging, processing, display, murals, and other aspects of items. Streets, objects and walls, as well as specific locations of homes, often all of these can affect the quality of products. Therefore, lighting often requires specific design to meet the visual, physical, and mental living space needs of the product. Through effective light and lighting, color reproduction, unity, rationality, comfort, and environmental atmosphere are created to enhance the product and texture, providing a pleasant visual enjoyment. 2、 The lighting of leisure space often requires professional lighting, such as the left and right areas of a business hall, stores, counters, Clothes shop, public corridors, living rooms, kitchens, Clothes shop, hotels, looking inside, and restaurants. Business lobbies often have a bright and trivial appearance, providing a relaxed and comfortable visual enjoyment. In addition to conventional small items such as lamps, tableware, fruits and vegetables, the purpose is suitable for their lighting applications. Lighting can make people forget about deer heads and also make it easier for them to feel the lazy atmosphere of big plans. In the leisure area, you can enjoy the natural light dissipated by the winding ink painting area. 3、 The feeling of not worrying about “flying sculptures” makes people have to move forward in the artistic atmosphere they speak of.

From handmade lamps to art installations, according to Spatial analysis, it perfectly interprets the light texture, and makes people linger under the premise of visual enjoyment.

I don’t know about the two horizontal bars, but the most noteworthy one is the Jiaren serve area. The interactive experience is relatively “inverted”, which incorporates a creative lighting atmosphere and will also add lighting to break through the interactive atmosphere.

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