Moving towards the global custom lighting market, please do not overlook these

Moving towards the global custom lighting market, please don’t overlook which sub colors these lighting fixtures have? Whether in the field of color or adhesive technology, top tier companies will designate desired areas and areas for implementation.

In the color industry, it is recommended to purchase from three parties and specify a branching area between shelves. The colors and shapes of shelves should be accurate, rich, and visually appealing.

Spraying light strips in different compartments of different shelves, or displaying the color series of light strips in different appearances, directly affects the display of unit price and transaction effectiveness. Or a unidirectional display light strip, depending on the surface color and shape, to demonstrate the actual effect of the light strip.

In different line color series on different shelves, the search for excellent products can be displayed through fine pitch light strips. The surface is generally based on the color and texture of the displayed products, and the surface appears to be judged by high-end visual effects. It can be interspersed within the counter for display, so that it can be printed on the right side of the window, on the floor, or on the glass panel of the counter, You can also use the name of display to see the advertising window scenic area that you can swing and see.

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Aocai Laser produces progressive technology siphon module with built-in 500 far laser light effect control board programming 335UB power adapter 20 Fengtai 7ele0 quasi laser laser board SXT-24V line key sunshade.

Fast laser flash for external applications – Outdoor lighting engineering lights – Outdoor highlight engineering lights – Indoor lighting engineering lights – Internal/external window control laser lights for rental laser lights.

External speculation laser lamp wire drawing machine laser lamp with laser lamp power distribution disassembly lighting laser new product laser lamp power distribution disassembly customized maintenance installation replacement design lamp laser lamp power distribution disassembly.

Why is making LED full color screens recognized by everyone? The total number of projects in Zone 1, Zone 2, Road 3, Road 6, Road 8, 10 meters, and 12 meters is about 1458.15 million. Many customers have cold winters and cold waves. Our company specializes in the production and sales of traditional glass screens, LED shaped spherical screens, LED shaped projection lights, and LED lenses for developing new equipment. Therefore, our company adheres to the corporate principle of “integrity, reputation, market, and brand”, and sincerely, pragmatically, accurately, and excellently cooperates with our customers, To provide more valuable LED products for our customers!

LED full color screen refers to high-power LED beads, mainly composed of pixel devices such as LED electronics or digital technology. LED beads are customized based on the actual parameters of LED technology length and current size.

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