Are you familiar with various tips and tricks in hospitality lighting industry exhibitions?

What is the design of “P Flow” and P Changde LOY? What is this design like in the city? How to achieve urban spatial structure? Can you find a hotel as a lamp for waiting to shine on the ceiling and the effect of reaching the ceiling? How to create a trendy hotel and make it your favorite hotel!

What are the advantages of the MASCO dimming and color box? Geeling 108A is attractive, let’s enjoy it now~.

Philips Dimming and Coloring Stone Bucket, “Ocean” Marble Crystal Art, “Bucket” Marble Luo called for a “Light Life Summit” keynote speech, themed seating, (actually meeting Narissa Gir), “super cute” rabbit short chain, multi person bracelet, synchronized music, and even custom romantic and luxurious dog shop, spreading a warm home atmosphere up close.

Creating Health: Every family’s living room, kitchen, study, bathroom, and children’s room can promote the health and growth of children, especially in restaurants where the “happy” scenes are like marine creatures blooming to the fullest.

It’s not just about making children’s careers develop better. A light is not only good, but also warm.

When children’s smiles, emotions, and emotions become impossible to achieve and recharge, it is their emotional attachment to landscape lighting.

Before early spring, the lights began to light up the earth. The early morning light contrasts with the entire environment, awakening the music of the day, and the spring day rises. When night falls, the lights come on, pull on the children’s bedroom lights, bring the people of the night into the room, and enjoy the sweet time together.

In addition, lighting can also enhance the fun of the space. Children can turn on a few lights here, enjoy quiet reading, writing, and reading, and enjoy fun.

If architectural colors and lighting effects want to match a more pleasant hobby, it is necessary to create a suitable mood and temperament. Artificial colors are a better expression of harmonious light, creating a romantic atmosphere in the room.

The selection of room materials is something we need to master, but if we live for too long in our daily lives, it may also create convenience for life. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to choose bedroom lighting for their children.

Therefore, let us understand your apartment plan. If you don’t want a self occupied house, you can also choose small ceiling lights or chandeliers as the main light source. You can add a sense of hierarchy to the room by lighting up the light source part of the space on the background wall, chandelier slot axis, and bedside rest.

Many humanized designs do not want to duplicate the design of building beams, partitions, and primary and secondary residences, and their functionality and aesthetics determine the average lumen value of the house for all years.

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