Crystal Wall Lamp

Crystal Wall Lamps

Crystal wall lamp is one of the functional classification of crystal lamps. At first, crystal wall lamps were only used in narrow spaces such as corridors, aisles, and doorways. Due to the popularity of crystal lamps and the pursuit of luxurious material enjoyment, crystal wall lamps have been unbalanced from the original lighting and decoration functions, and are now biased towards decoration functions. Crystal wall lamps are formulated from natural crystal/quartz.

The reason why the crystal wall lamp can shine brightly is mainly the purity and cutting surface of the crystal ball and the lead content. Therefore, consumers should check whether the crystal ball has cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities when purchasing. Only the crystal ball with crystal clear and transparent can exert the best optical efficiency, so that the light passing through can reflect magnificent colors.

And on the cutting surface of the crystal ball, it depends on whether it is smooth and whether the edges and corners are clear, so that the refraction effect of the crystal ball can reach the best; and in terms of lead-containing crystal ball lighting, generally high-quality crystal balls will All lead crystal is used, and the lead oxide content is not less than 30%, which is the most high-performance raw material and can emit bright colors. We are a professional crystal wall lamp manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!