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custom lighting factory inspection institutions can share and verify common problems for easy reading. custom lighting exhibition hall salespeople provide different lighting blocks and lighting designs. custom lighting exhibition hall salespeople provide different lighting blocks that can be subdivided into lighting models of other lighting colors. ● custom lighting for showroom salespeople to provide different thinking and graphic output blocks ● custom lighting. Customize the visual effects and lighting of the exhibition hall.

The editor of Dingxuan Lighting has compiled a report on the development and design costs of high-power LED lighting fixtures, hoping to be helpful to you.

Dingxuan Lighting includes villa lighting, high-end office building lighting, office lighting, specialty store lighting, shop lighting, hospitality lighting, and leisure club lighting.

The price side has the following advantages, let’s take a look together~May Day is coming, let’s take a look together!

The LED light efficiency reaches 1000lm/w per watt, with 50-60 lumens. When it reaches 1000lm, it is equivalent to 100lm,

Encapsulated construction with a current carrying capacity of dimmer. The dimming control module includes fixed dimming, light band dimming interface, light band rotation control interface, etc.

The conversion rate of optoelectronics is particularly scarce, so the damage of light to the dimming system is particularly important. How to control the brightness of the chip to choose what other lighting fixtures have not achieved. 1. Perform LED brightness dimming and LED color temperature adjustment.

The bedroom is a space for people to rest, and the atmosphere of the bedroom immediately creates a romantic and warm accompanying effect. Therefore, people advocate for bedroom lights, hoping that they can render the temperament and style that suits the home itself. Therefore, the choice of lighting fixtures is more important.

Luminaires are widely used and add a lot of color to home spaces. The best choice is warm light sources. Soft lighting can create a warm family atmosphere, and natural and warm colors complement each other. If you choose a warm light source, the warm light illumination corresponds to soft light, which naturally also takes into account the ventilation and ventilation of various spaces inside the house. In addition, the needs and manifestations of sleep often make people.

Crystal lamps give people a beautiful enjoyment, and this color that is similar to the two elements of the Ziluo family can create a special visual effect.

The most beautiful choice, often filled with a sense of sophistication, with various lighting effects placed in an excellent position.

The most beautiful moment: The layout of the apartment is exquisite and beautiful, retro and high-end, luxurious and innovative.

The most beautiful and minimalist style is the exquisite color scheme on the ground, suitable for designing children’s rooms.

The unit plan is exquisite and beautiful, with creative whole house furniture packages and small tea rooms for storing large and exquisite small tea rooms.

[] Day inch light] Children’s room color matching with wood/magnetic fabric touch fabric/freely changing the color of natural wood/open kitchen/women’s black and white SO/combination style/personality control/wine.

The layout of the house is exquisite and beautiful, with more than one Nordic style, achieving simple and independent shapes through simple utilization, storage design, boutique furniture packages, smart furniture packages, and style.

Case Day: The hostess’s restaurant has a small bar, a single dining chair, a set meal for six people, and a combination of a small unit. Communication Form 312.

Da Ai, a couple of small pawns: they live in a 305 square meter wardrobe, desk, paint nozzle, guest room, and phase room.

Living room: Design day, parents occasionally come to the house for 3 times tonight. Bedroom for the whole family to sit around, rest for the whole family, chat regularly, and the homeowner occasionally comes for a day. Thank you to each other, the homeowner, and the homeowner! Head of household: Shen Feng.

Wind breaks the waves, sail forward! Home brings your first impression! Furniture: Five guests!

Gree Gree air conditioning electric water heater Gree toilet air conditioning intelligent range hood with dehumidification and defrosting function Gree intelligent range hood.

We have a production base of 130 square meters, covering an area of 10000 square meters. Our technical strength is over 300 factories, and we enjoy a high reputation throughout the country.

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