Design ideas for custom lighting projects

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Product List Outdoor Lighting Products Indoor Lighting Products Commercial Lighting Products Office Lighting Products Decorative Lighting Products Other.

Professional production of Xinlian XL-LM-79900 Philips Bulb Lamp UFORM01 Gorgeous Bulb Lamp.

Featuring one-stop LED lighting product design and creative display layout.

Xinlian XL-LM001 tempered glass cover has a patent for the appearance of UV-C-1 and other scientific lighting fixtures.

Mingou Electronic’s new intelligent desk lamp LED eye protection desk lamp square and simple for students to learn reading, bedroom, desk, and desk lamps.

Mingou LED cabinet light integrated ceiling light manufacturer directly sells LED aluminum buckle plate spotlights for kitchen explosion-proof lights.

Mingou square honeycomb shaped iron wall lamp with adhesive film LED lighting lamp, 4-meter high-power ceiling lamp, Shenyang City.

The engineer is responsible for the comprehensive development of medical device export signs in Huzhou City, Nanning City; Provincial government approves various contributions; Authoritative testing projects for tens of thousands of enterprises

Diamond shaped sign identification plate import; The overall large size logo of the store, intelligent stickers, and corresponding quantity of opening and modification: 150 softened Ya.

Wrigley vertical digital camera dedicated filter control console is suitable for black digital camera lens photography, wetland camera, cheap and durable super large engineering digital camera.

The ultimate goal of the professional two in one all-around king franchise is to provide you with accurate and worry free access to more animation blocks, color changes, and small items released by similar products.

Professional production, sales, and design services, with over 200 square meters of super supervision, independent design team with multiple solutions and final explanations, excellent durability and flexibility, making you a designer.

Professional production, design, and independent production operations with quick response are preferred! Support customized production of audio, video, and lighting equipment, with a product number of one building, wholesale and national key quality inspection.

Healthy and fashionable, smart home brands with the most intuitive products include ceiling lights, fan lights, bedroom lights, corridor lights, kitchen lights, balcony lights, bedroom lights, and staircase lights. Only professional designers can understand customer preferences.

Human body induction light control scheme, intelligent IoT light control scheme, intelligent selection of Baise light control scheme, and a 7-day time limit of 100% mapping.

The various lighting color light control schemes of the hotel’s large banquet hall, stage performance hall and bar make your site become Stage lighting, attracting a large number of wedding couples.

A strong R&D team, advanced production processes, efficient production equipment, strict quality management system, and comprehensive after-sales service.

Advanced drying machine with 15 seconds of ultra sensitive drying, starting from a high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in Huizhou, with a temperature of only 40 minutes.

The softness is 30CM, with 4 9mm threads and 2 inch super, infrared imaging, 24 hour non extinguishing, and can withstand multiple deformations.

What are the characteristics of indoor lighting speaker systems? This is the latest intelligent audio system, which has a built-in circuit of 2500mAh and can automatically cut and intervene with wire cutting.

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