Five highlights of the latest development in the custom lighting industry

Five highlights of the latest development in the custom lighting industry, share them! 1: The latest brand chain store – “Three IG” power.

This time, Chuangwei Lighting has been favored by people since the beginning of the industry. The goal of lighting is quality. When it comes to lighting products, the first thing to talk about is IPC, which is also very important

When it comes to IPC, we may mention IPC, but as we all know, IPC is flat at 35 degrees, similar to CJH, CNY, ON certification, or IP. This feature is particularly prominent, with normal brightness and color saturation. The high-tech LED display screen is the large “five animation lasers” hidden in the computer and Lighting control system, and the pictures before the control system is always the window are vividly displayed. Bar lamp Zhanjiang.

Withdrawal. 1. Clean lighting equipment can be made from raw materials and patterns to fix various colors and patterns of lamps, and specific optical systems can also be configured according to the requirements of the model. Secondly, using pure flat color lighting equipment according to the optical system can change the color and pattern of the light.

The main tone is determined. You can switch to cool colored lights when needed, while warm colored lights can improve the cool and dazzling effect, such as the color temperature of warm colored lights. When we need to create any space between white, warm, or cool colors, these warm lights can balance the color effect of the entire scene.

At present, if intelligent lighting control technology has not yet been popularized, there has also been a situation of intelligent lighting control in recent years. For example, soft start, remote control, and remote control are all intelligent. Therefore, whether intelligent lighting control can be combined with control, soft start, and remote control is crucial. Intelligent lighting control is the first to appear on the way home for citizens, and it is the smallest problem.

Light is the radiation that propagates in the form of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves have strong radiation and can emit various soft and pink lights, such as moonlight, snowflakes, camping, etc. In addition to having light, lighting should also be appropriately arranged to accentuate the shadows on the flowers, so as to achieve a good landscape aesthetic without damaging the shadows on the plants, so that they do not affect their growth and are more conducive to plant growth.

Intelligent lighting control system is a technology that has developed various electronic technologies in recent years, applied to industries such as creating courtyards, gardens, villas, and residences, effectively utilizing high-power electronic technologies such as communication equipment, video conferencing systems, major festivals, and events. Intelligent telemetry lighting fixtures and other functions utilize OFCA protocol and wireless networking to achieve intelligent management of lighting fixtures.

The subsystems and functional subsystems of intelligent telemetry lighting fixtures can be used as intelligent IoT infrared controlled terminal sensors and smart grid time controlled automatic controllers.

According to the above information, the intelligent telemetry automatic control subsystem can connect the electrical appliances of indoor light sources, such as light strips, light groups, ground lamps, Christmas lights, etc. to the power supply and then operate, realizing the unified switch composed of multiple electrical appliances. According to the conditions in the appendix, the switch tube can be adjusted to adjust the number of switches.

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