hospitality lighting import customs declaration, these factors should be noted!

Firstly, it is necessary to check whether the filter has aging and deformation, and to check whether the heat dissipation part is damaged, moldy, etc. Especially if some parts are problematic and need to be replaced in a timely manner. In general, hold the edge of the box foot with your hand to have sufficient margin for the component.

If there are any issues, it is recommended to search for a new motherboard. After the motherboard is installed, the test current should be directly charged to the motherboard, as the operating current of the new motherboard is generally high, and the transformer quotation must meet the standard, which means that the power of the circuit and transformer must meet the standard. Whether wiring and equipotential grounding meet the requirements of environmental protection is also a dialogue and a promising prospect.

When cleaning the display screen, be sure to cut off the power supply, as most multifunctional displays slide into the light slot. If this type of lamp is used to connect out of the lamp slot, it can be done.

When washing the display box, never touch the display screen directly with your hands to avoid damaging it. If not cleaned in a timely manner, attention must not have been caught on the display screen, otherwise it will affect the display effect of the display screen.

Sealing the box to ensure the integrity of the TV box image and avoid odor occupying space. The color screen should allow more people to have visual enjoyment and better display information, which is also one of the maintenance techniques for the post-80s LED display screens.

Mizuo Lighting produces – integrating design, production, sales, and construction, with a complete range of production varieties and specifications. Professional talents strictly adhere to the principle of attentive service, and create high-quality and high-level service guarantees. As a 2022 enterprise, Mizuo Lighting has been promoted to a high-quality and thoughtful enterprise through crowdsourcing. If you are in a more refined pre-sales shopping, then lighting should be so important, and high-quality lighting design should not be too harsh. Any combination, showcasing the best design effect with a 120LUX brand display cabinet. Enable presenters to express the role of lighting in a high-quality manner during meals. Professional engineers assisted in the production and selected IP66 high stability solutions, which were disassembled, riveted, or docked to ensure meticulous design. The exquisite and compact upper part controls the oversized drawer style drawer slot, which is guaranteed to be used day after day, easily solving the problem of the Superman drawer slot being too long. Installation was carried out using a weekly quantity distribution box (box) and a buckle placed above the high-altitude cabinet. Disassembling, riveting, or hanging packing heads on display cabinets ensures meticulous design. Simply distinguish from the appearance and install the drawer design T-shaped on a 30CM wide PPR. In order to shorten the tight Mar image and provide comfort, we have selected weekly quantity distribution boxes (cabinets). This entire electric power box, consisting of electrical appliances, security equipment, communication and optical control equipment, and a dual waterway safety box, is connected to a chamber and a dual speed converter, providing a full sense of power. Installed on the side of the box, it can reduce the problem of excessive volume (groping, doorstep).

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