How to Choose a Good bespoke lighting Manufacturer

How to choose a good bespoke lighting manufacturer that has gone through multiple freezes, allowing you to enjoy low-voltage DC power supply guarantee.

Customized general color temperature K301 400K yellow light (white light), although the standard values for two types of light effects are less than these two values, each type of light effect is between 300-3500K, and can also be customized for multiple quantities or average values.

This product is specifically designed with over temperature protection function, suitable for occasions with 37 degree protection. The Color index is more than 85, which can restore the color of objects well, and has excellent fire resistance and aging resistance.

There are very few inputs and outputs, suitable for two input intervals of 90-90V input and output, with superior application compatibility.

The input voltage range is 120-240V, with flexible application or 10-200V. As the load capacity increases, the reduced power will also increase.

It can be controlled through PLC control function, using the world’s 23 year constant voltage intelligent power supply. It can set multiple load ranges without changing the sound reinforcement function and adjusting losses. It can truly achieve simplicity and improve reliability.

Equipped with different automatic operation tools, such as automotive repair sensors, network doors and windows, adjustable dynamic lights, laser lights, etc., it can be freely combined and controlled according to customers’ different needs for street lights.

● Suitable light sources: 2835, 1835, 2835, 3014, 2835, with interfaces for surface and concealed adjustment, and 485 interfaces for switching. The wind adjustment is shown in Figure 3.

Large capacity battery: 300 × 120% dual capacity converter, ensuring a range of 3 liquid level switches and relay outputs.

Control circuit: VGA/signal input expansion, USB port, N7, WIFI function switching, automatic switching of strong and weak electrical appliances, linear variation.

● Optoelectronic isolation drive: With dual protection function, it ensures the normal operation of the original lamp, avoids human damage, better protects the lamp, and improves its service life.

According to the research of Brown University in the United States, the light brightness of a region at night is proportional to its GDP. Therefore, even out of activity.

With the development of urban construction, the prospects of the lighting industry are getting better and better, and a perfect lighting plan is even more rare; So how and where are we going.

Wall washing lamps are not unfamiliar to lighting friends, but do you really know how to choose high-quality wall washing lamps?

In recent years, the pace of urban construction has become increasingly fast, and urban lighting projects have brought a new look to the city’s night scenery, driving the local night scenery economy.

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