How to layout high-end hospitality lighting products?

How to layout high-end hospitality lighting products? What process does lighting design require and practical experience in the equipment system (twice the result with half the effort)? The advantages and disadvantages of lighting design come from construction experience, which is directly related to the harmony of the building and the lighting fixtures with red light during that period. With the arrival of the future era, the design of lighting fixtures is the main focus.

hospitality lighting design is an art, and the key lies in adjusting the theme and atmosphere through lighting. Designing a suitable lighting environment can fully showcase the charm of the hotel. So hospitality lighting design should aim to achieve the ideal hospitality lighting effect, creating a comfortable, warm, romantic, and warm atmosphere. While leaving a deep impression, delicacy, and romance on customers, it also adds an experience. The basic principles of hospitality lighting design mainly include the following aspects. The hospitality lighting design focuses on the theme of lighting design. For example, it should be viewed from the following main aspects. Highlight the guest’s impression.

Precautions when appreciating the lighting design of these hotels. Firstly, the process of the exterior design of hospitality lighting fixtures evolving into operation. The pursuit of exterior design is either a monologue on the appearance of hospitality lighting, or the unique color rendering of the hotel that comes with difficulty. The use of color tones is just right and can become a colorful palette for indoor spaces. The use of colors can make the entire hotel full of colorful colors. The promotion and expansion of color tones can distinguish them from other similar types of lighting fixtures, which can also become a necessity for indoor spaces.

Install lighting fixtures and chandeliers. For example, the style of hospitality lighting directly affects the overall style of the hotel. The installation of lighting fixtures directly affects the style of the hotel! Choose the best lighting technique for lighting fixtures. Especially if the embedded lighting fixtures are properly installed, it is still a bypass. Therefore, the most commonly used method is to install several sets of slots on the ceiling, and then install several entrances on the ceiling. This design is changed based on the form of the lighting fixture to add everything to the end.

In addition to ceiling lights, the position and height of the ceiling lights can be adjusted at will. Fixing the ceiling lamp to the ceiling reduces the height of the room.

Low component lighting cannot accurately and accurately illuminate other spaces, or has harsh visual effects. The commonly used types of ceiling lamps include tungsten oxide filament lamps, fluorescent lamps (sodium lamps), LED, halogen glare light sources (LED), LED, and other lighting fixtures.

In spaces below 15 ° M, a light source lower than 30 ° should be used, which not only switches the light on and off, but also adds a brightness selected by the switch light and the light.

The main reasons for powering on and running the lighting fixtures are that it is not easy to turn on the switch after installation. Because the switch light is usually turned on, it will not be turned on after installation, ensuring that the illumination inside the lamp meets the requirements of “Load and Heat Dissipation Conditions”.

The installation, maintenance and upkeep equipment should be vertical, and the positions that are prone to damage should ensure that their structure is not affected, while the height of the lights should be between 35 meters and 180 meters.

The calculation results and power of a strong calculator, as well as the required quotation value for each size of the calculator, are not necessarily as large as possible. However, in the current market, the required capacity is not necessarily as large as possible.

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