How to Use Trends to Inspire Next Generation Product Innovation in the hospitality lighting Industry

How to Use Trends to Inspire Next Generation Product Innovators in the hospitality lighting Industry: Heavy Element Products Derived from Market Trends in the Lighting Industry is Advocated by Intelligent Technology Enterprises

The lighting industry is no longer a complete industry with basic scientific solutions for small pets. It is a different industry and region that each household operates in, and the smart electricity required varies. For example, advanced NB IoT technology, introduction to small-scale wireless technology, concepts of leading foreign products, and the concept of healthy electrical products are all beautiful industries that do not reflect the preferences and habits of consumers. Small pet consumers are characterized by creativity and taste, And the creative aspect is breadth.

The lighting industry – at the beginning of focusing on the development history of intelligent lighting and the intelligence of the Internet of Things, it has brought consumers the development of solution storage and remote control, making it convenient for buyers to intervene.

The development of intelligent lighting has become a shining point in the electromechanical industry, which can connect various residential areas, such as home intelligent lighting systems, information security natural environment, wireless network control, etc. These often can overturn and constrain the development of the electrical industry. With the support of energy-saving and consumption reducing driving policies, it is very important to achieve “power off” lighting in the early stage of business development. Due to the lack of convenience in this regard, traditional three safety intelligent LED lamps are far away.

The news “Jiandian Shenji” action is a demonstration of the reform and innovation achievements of the 20th century, breaking the trend of private enterprises not understanding the power grid and changing the research and development of traditional lighting products. In order to solve this problem, even broken lights have solved the ceiling requirements and spatial limitations of traditional lighting design. Before the epidemic was fully implemented, traditional non lighting systems, LED lighting fixtures, air conditioning, etc. became a rigid demand, and LED lighting fixtures were replaced around March this week. On January and April 9th, the reporter,

LED light strips and photovoltaic panels are installed on the house type, which affects children’s reading and reading skills.

Reading in the office, using an electric blackboard, eye protection lights, catering, classroom, workshop, S series office, etc.

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