New Journey in the hospitality lighting Industry, Seizing Six Opportunities

The hospitality lighting industry is embarking on a new journey and seizing six major opportunities. As Sun Xiaohua and a professional lamp manufacturer, Sun Jingang, as Ms. Qiao from Xie Xueren, always maintains her unique personal development perspective, keeping her service and market at a disadvantage for a long time, and achieving equal development and operation for everyone.

Sun Jingang is a fiercely competitive brand in the lighting industry. With the resources and favorable market conditions of both parties, Sun Jingang has always been an excellent brand in the industry, with products including chandeliers, down lights, spotlights, ceiling lights, lamp panels, and supermarkets.

The unprecedented development of the lighting industry has opened up the market, and the scale has gradually expanded to every detail of the entire industry’s market.

Qingyida Decoration is a leading enterprise in the modern lighting industry. It has built and produced energy-saving lighting equipment in Yangcheng according to its current market position. Its products are classified into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, down lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, desk lamps, spotlights, light strip series and down lamps, as well as ceiling lamps, tube lamps, spotlights, light strip series, etc. Home consumers, engineering companies, hotel operators, high-end restaurants, exhibition halls, restaurants, shops, office buildings, offices, storefronts, brand stores, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, and other places can attract many exhibitors. It is expected that the declaration will be completed by the end of 2013, and the current raw material reduction rate is only 25%, and the growth rate is expected to be fully implemented.

“Ecological environment protection and reasonable price” is the general trend of ecological development. A large number of ecological engineering, homes, shopping malls and even the standards of the residents’ committee in Anhui Province will surely achieve a more complete and open market space, not only for the need to choose, but also for the close combination of citizens and enterprises, consumer goods, newspapers, accessories, science popularization and other elements, which will lead to a new market promotion trend.

The led light strip flexible core includes all lamps directly mounted on the bedside volume, spotlights, downlights, T5 tubes, dimmable lamps, floor lamps, decorative lamps, low-voltage light strips, light-emitting finger lamps, Induction lamp, energy-saving lamps, and directly mounted on the bedside volume, decorative lamps, light strips, chandeliers, wall lamps, atmosphere lamps, etc. From the current development stage, one pole is the advantage of traditional lamps on the one hand. For example, energy-saving lamps, Induction lamp, mercury free lamps and foot lamps.

Smart light strip, smart home display, IP66 waterproof patch, neon color light, warm white 4000K white light, hotel advertising atmosphere light, mini LED 50 light, high-density curtain wall light strip.

Surface mounted panel lights are made of die-cast aluminum alloy, with an optional light guide plate inside. Directional illumination of light with uniform light effect. Electrostatic spraying with dual colors will not cause dazzling reflections.

The surface of the panel lamp adopts ultra-high brightness technology, and the surface is anodized, with advanced processes such as lead-free, titanium free, spiral free, etc.

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