Promising Potential: bespoke lighting Industry Leverages Market to Achieve Leap Forward Development

My heart and heart, with a sense of partnership, successfully crossed the 2014 market and became the industry itself, lasting for 2 years.

Improving the floodlighting of shopping districts through consumption is a reconstruction of trade products, product concepts, and psychological needs since people opened stores. Each investment group is committed to providing a rich range of commercial lighting products while also addressing the needs of the consumer group, in order to achieve effective integration of material and space. The leaders and all employees of the company are enthusiastic about the development of illuminated people and illuminated light structures, which are of great significance for the development of various industries 2021 Shanghai Fashion Table Lamp Introduction Floodlight Lighting Case.

Our ultimate goal when traveling, whether it’s to a luxurious five-star hotel or a street hotel, is to.

Light sources, lamps, and home lighting should use energy-saving light sources, which are mercury free, environmentally friendly, and healthy. At present, the main lighting fixtures on the market are LED light sources, T8/T5 tubes, LED filament lights, open kitchens, and hotel chandeliers. How do consumers choose. The editor has organized some of the main uses of lampshades, lampholders, and light bulbs for everyone.

According to the reflected light from the lampshade, crystal lamps can reduce costs by 30%, but one lamp needs to be dismantled.

The purchase of lampshades should not be done for personal reasons, but rather by purchasing matching branch shaped lampshades to make the area natural and expensive.

According to the material on the surface of the lampshade, it is possible to distinguish between 8-head, 14-head leaf surfaces, and 18-head double-layer products. The first 300 pieces are made of fabric with a small inner thickness (no less than 50mm). It is best not to choose a lower priced double layer lampshade to avoid it being turned over and shrunk when it is too cheap.

The selling price is the second best, usually calculated in multiples. When purchasing, you only need to purchase a 14 watt lampshade; When purchasing a lampshade: Just purchase a 20 watt lampshade; When purchasing: Please check the corresponding matching blocks.

Wall lamps are suitable for wall use, and the commonly used wall lamp powers include 15-18W, 50-80W, 48-36W, 60-75W, and 80-100W.

Generally, it is divided according to the higher price, and excessive prices quantified by batches are expected to be higher than various channels.

Wall lamps are lighting fixtures used for indoor decoration construction. The shapes of wall lamps are diverse, and some styles also have certain decorative effects. The lighting design is often equipped with decorations, so it is recommended that everyone purchase wall lamps more. Regardless of the brand, wall lamps are very important. It is best for consumers to choose from different perspectives when purchasing lamps

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