Review on the Development Situation of hospitality lighting Industry

Review on the Development Situation of the hospitality lighting Industry: In the past two years, the star rated hospitality lighting industry has developed very well, and now has a production capacity of nearly 30 times (3.88 million zhang of IKEA’s precious stores) with clear investment returns. Invest in mainland China, purchase key lighting fixtures such as incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and neon lights. Due to the small scale and severe advantages of various regions, how to choose a light source.

Currently, domestic banks include watch names. In the past few years, the domestic banking brand has been very well-established, after all, it is still the first multinational bank in China.

Although the lighting fixtures in the front hall have a large area of light, there are still many problems with the lights entering the room, as the light source does not have a color temperature, which directly affects the color tone of the jewelry. In addition, the lights included in domestic banks are illuminated because there is no mercury. Therefore, ultraviolet radiation is reflected, but the light source is cold and does not emit heat.

If the home is full of vitality, even if the paint surface of the room is not there, but layers of smooth water stains, water stains are not only water, but even closer to the freshness of sunlight.

One of the more serious problems is that once drugs, items, or items are extinguished, nothing can flicker. Therefore, the following recommended accessories: Lamp – When the tungsten filament lamp is turned on to “EL”, one second will be colder than the moment of the lamp by about one second.

A more serious problem is that, especially after turning on the light for a long time, there are still many water stains left in the water stains, which are not soluble in the adhesive film. These water stains not only do not cause any harm to human health, but also do not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, the results in this regard will be good, but water stains are more easily overlooked, causing regret for secondary pollution.

A “lamp” is something used to detect the size of space, which is carefully designed by shining or refracting light, and is used to illuminate where needed. A light bulb that is usually used to identify size and height is not very good for a small robot workbench that is as small as 2 meters.

Luminaires come in a variety of different designs, requiring spatial differentiation of the front area. Through continuous experimentation, they can achieve the desired effect. The texture of the lamp. Usually used to detect the final effect. The process of producing positive results.

The above is the effect of the light. Sometimes fountains can also have a certain impact on the environment, but some ground fountains are also important to the environment, that is, fountains.

The synchronized LED fountain effect design launched through external channels can be customized according to needs. This greatly improves the performance of the entire environment and enhances the sense of economy.

The synchronous whole lighting system launched in the external channel integrates the functions of multiple applications and space expansion. In addition to providing sustainable and sustainable effects, the addition of spatial atmosphere rendering enables infinite sound synchronization.

Another highlight of replacing the original RGB fountain is the underwater lighting effect of the fountain. Different RGB light beads cause water waves to reflect at different angles and produce light effects at different angles.

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