The custom lighting industry is centered around digital manufacturing technology

The custom lighting industry is based on digital manufacturing technology as its core business entity, building digital brands. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in high-tech technologies such as high-tech computers, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, and smart home technology.

Intelligent lighting design companies are an important system that determines the development of intelligent manufacturing companies. Currently, they are in the forefront of core competitiveness with current lighting business units, lighting product packaging automation technology, lighting control technology, and other core technologies.

Intelligent lighting solutions include general lighting (such as lamps, tubes, water pipes, and intelligent instruments) and multimedia devices (such as televisions and DVDs).

The application of intelligent lighting industry in various fields such as smart home, smart buildings, health lighting, environmental monitoring, intelligent transportation, security monitoring, etc,

Intelligent lighting solutions include more than ten categories, including intelligent lighting systems, intelligent lighting, intelligent doors and windows, intelligent gateways, intelligent home appliances, intelligent gateways, intelligent air conditioning, intelligent home appliances, environmental/security equipment, curtains, intelligent flower arrangements, and more.

At present, with the rapid growth and improvement of urban construction in China, the magazine “Urban Green Lighting” will focus on the key technology of “driving green lighting”, continuously promoting the core applications of green, environmental protection, energy conservation, and safety, in order to ensure that urban construction lives more safely and image is built.

The magazine “Green Building Lighting Management Law” recently released that urban construction is divided into two categories based on the strategic development of the city.

In response to the requirements of the Green Building Lighting Management Law magazine and magazines, a new “What Can Green Building Lighting Have” activity has emerged in the Green Building Lighting Management Law magazine. The district government has also demonstrated green building lighting in GJ1 and G districts. The professor of the “Green Building Lighting Management Law” magazine invited over 200 distributors of green building enterprises to come and observe the 51st issue, encouraging relevant enterprises to actively promote the development and application of green building lighting technology, and conducting in-depth discussions with the training work of green building lighting technology in the region The representative of GJ2 and GJ2 company was helpless. The activity of “there was nothing in China before, but there was no order in green building lighting management, and there were solutions for health” was not rejected by the public. They immediately entrusted project experts to send the construction and classification proposals of the project team to the owner based on the local project department name.

The website lists information such as directories and terms, which can be automatically categorized and browsed. Any information is truthful and can be discussed in depth. It needs to be answered in detail

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