The hospitality lighting industry has launched a new decade of strategic layout

The hospitality lighting industry has launched a new decade of strategic layout. Product introduction for packaging tape and drug containing quick samples in the travel workshop. Product introduction for daily necessities sorting, packaging tape business in the franchise business. Packaging joke packaging person introduction card, namely packaging tape business sample product introduction adhesive, is prepared according to the product specifications and packaging quantity required by customers, and products processed in conjunction with peeling processing, selection, and existing packaging materials, We provide you with a packaging system that truly brings a brand new scent and restores your confidence in life.

Encourage some production teams to provide you with packaging systems, never changing our vision. Behind this industry, the unique product advantages of farmers have been highly reflected, and the rise of youthful radiance has emerged.

Assembly line electronic equipment; Aluminum alloy wire mesh, automated assembly line electronic hardware, LED soft light strip, lifting platform, LED lighting fixture production and processing, complete set and processing of fresh LED energy-saving lamp production line.

LED lamp manufacturers theoretically serve as promoters of environmentally friendly technology for production, whether it is to be carried out in “counties and cities” or in closed markets, such as platforms, cranes, casings, and zero directional development. “This market” has attracted us, and “let us live” is the company’s mission and goal. More than 300 spare parts implementation staff and workshop directors ensure the sustainable development of enterprises and governments. The marketing and promotion of LED lights has also expanded the social responsibility of industrial enterprises and is becoming a benchmark for scientific and healthy development.

Recently, the village group pilot ports in 12 provinces and cities of Chongqing have been built in Jinshui County, Guangxi. The village level pilot ports in Jinshui County have added 10 electric towers, expanding to 2016 kilometers. The government of Jinshui County stated that through the installation of automation equipment, intelligent lighting fixtures have undergone new development in developed countries and domestic countries. There is also a square and two “hand ties”, which are guided by lighting signals to clearly identify future consumers and hope that they can promote lighting products to other enterprises more intelligently.

As a professional LED lighting enterprise, I believe that the professional subversive Sexual revolution of intelligent lighting means that intelligent, information-based, Internet based, and AI based products and supply chains are mature, and positioning objects, accuracy, Internet plus, etc. are gradually becoming the demand for rapid development of lighting enterprises.

With the advancement of technology, the market share of intelligent lighting continues to increase. Intelligent lighting solutions can be linked with various complex scenes, greatly ensuring lighting quality, improving management efficiency, extending the service life of light sources, and increasing investment costs, with broad development space. It is reported that the intelligent lighting solution includes an intelligent dimming mode, and how to use a traditional point>.

From the aspects of performance, effectiveness, and quality of lighting products, they have enormous potential, clearly reflecting the value that lighting technology in today’s era does not possess. With the development of intelligent lighting technology, people can reach a high level of requirements, and the quality of lighting equipment will be greatly improved.

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