The hospitality lighting industry is moving towards green development

The hospitality lighting industry is moving towards the end of green development. By customizing non-standard lighting fixtures, modern advanced technology and art are integrated, forming a major milestone in the industry. Through the continuous change of criticized hard products and the synthesis of lighting technology, environmentally friendly and pollution-free hotel products are formed.

Jointly manufacturing tunnel lighting renovation projects from Tuo’ao, Hangzhou, and Dakemen, achieving comprehensive management of global transportation.

Joining the digital elements of Southeast University Association with C, I2O and other lighting standards to achieve comprehensive “communication” to people.

Jointly introduce the concept of the lighting industry with the concept of industry. United to communicate the changes in the lighting industry to the world through a talent environment.

The company cooperates with Southeast University to provide room for students to study, increase students’ learning and entertainment functions, and provide a bright and comfortable lighting environment for the hotel from the beginning of students’ learning. It can not only beautify the space, but also change the appearance of the room; Helping students reduce eye fatigue can also create a safe social environment.

The company has conducted extensive cooperation with social sub internet, catering and other institutions. The company transmits intelligent control devices such as curtain tracks, air conditioning, food cans, bed sheets, etc. to school teachers and students every year, and provides free study tables, building a domestic education platform.

More than 300 education and training institutions provide an industry learning platform for elite teams newly joining the education industry.

We do not become experts in the power supply of intelligent education industry platforms. We have a great understanding of education solutions and technical support, which is also a development trend of our industry and one of the excellent development trends in the industry.

We are a national education department that has been paying close attention to the needs of our customers for a long time. Wishing us success in our cooperation! Continue to provide higher quality information services online and provide more flexible services according to customer requirements.

We are a comprehensive provider of educational solutions that can provide higher levels of education. We focus on websites

● We require to provide professional website conference audio and video, audio, Stage lighting audio, teaching and sports audio-visual equipment.

Before signing the contract, we will accompany the customer to a formal store and provide corresponding gifts according to different store conditions.

According to customer requirements, corresponding fees will be charged. Whether it’s payment or on-site installation. After receiving the goods, we will report the medical examination report to the relevant department to understand my service. We focus on education and ensure high quality! I believe that more and more young people will feel the benefits brought by this society.

The educational audio equipment should have 3 step buttons, 24 V composite telescopic ceiling lights, one step button facing the ground, stage step buttons, three step buttons, and one layer LED cinema spotlights to supplement. 2. The installation height of stage lifting lighting fixtures should be greater than the designed height of 22 meters above the ground. If there is no Lens hood more than 2 meters installed in the ceiling, the light source cannot come out at this time. Directly install the light outlet of the rotary stage lamp. It is recommended not to use a Lens hood more than 2m long on the 1m long lamp slot. The LED ceiling light pattern light is square, with a black border and a light source wrapped in an arc. The exhibition hall light requires a back mounted LED light source. If color temperature is required, it can be directly used

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