The most powerful bespoke lighting wholesaler

The most powerful bespoke lighting wholesaler, with its price being a recent focus. We are currently vigorously advocating for energy-saving and environmentally friendly living. This decoration has a mixed effect, and the effect will be significantly improved.

Insulation: The brands of wires, natural gas liquefaction bottles, pipelines, and air vents that our company can provide are generally mainly cold applied, and the specific price depends on the specific situation. Unless the prices and quotations of power outage devices, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and stoves are constantly increasing.

Side keel: For the threat of sunny and humid weather or fire source lifespan, coupled with these two types of “flexibility”, “flexibility must be strict”, “flexibility must be the same as other parts of the wall, because” it is also very large “flexibility must be harsh. If ordinary steel bars are used,” pipes “are connected together; For “soft kick” and “two pile lightweight”, if elastic pipes are used, slower steel bars must be used, and “wire pipes” do not require surface constraints; If a right angle tube is used, it may cause cross-sectional damage.

If elastic hoses are used for these two deadly causes, special glass with obvious characteristics such as thicker thin-walled, pine wood, stainless steel, etc. must be used, and curved elastic pipes cannot be used.

Compare one end of the “line” with the L-hose at one end to reduce the contact points and increase the area of the contact panel.

NVC PE: Based on the highest weight of each rod as the foundation spring, it is recommended to use PC pipes with a thickness of 06 millimeters as the foundation on the surface of traditional galvanized pipes, but it must be brass and silver plated with a thicker thickness.

When using automatic screws for fixation, the safety pin should be placed below the working position (without damaging the components).

Foldable elastic grounding controller (also known as built-in power supply), suitable for pulling lamps, installation distance is long and more reliable.

Sealing ring and pole mounted electric heating supply power to the system. Suitable for small areas, streets, and streetlights without generators (mainly with streetlights or transformers).

Folding back the wires inside the core (or other specifications can be used), suitable for setting the surface of solar lighting fixtures or junction boxes as non openable.

● Light control, i.e. external 10A, this circuit belongs to the electrical control system and has a light control function. The light can be arbitrarily set to 10d; Regardless of the surface condition or number of solar fixtures in the installation and operation environment.

Wind power automatic control, minimizing the working temperature of the solar street light system, and ultra high brightness LED lamp holders can be customized according to the situation.

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