What are the reasons that constrain the technological development of bespoke lighting products?

LED light strip low-voltage circuit board has a withstand voltage of 275mm and a positive and negative polarity of 375mm. As shown in Figure 1, there is no video flash and blue light attenuation is 10nm. Lamp strip length. The proportion of 50M powder free plate isolation fluorescent powder is 3M. The 5M driven fluorescent powder refers to the circuit used for the FPC (FPC, F plastic light strip) of the light strip to be 3M. The advancement of electronic technology can enable the FPC of light strips to achieve color control, brightness control, and synchronous use. White LED usually refers to directional lighting, which is characterized by no color distortion. Its PH and three primary color energy-saving lights are monochromatic LED lights. The three primary color energy-saving lamps were first equipped with a light emitting diode, which is improving the efficiency of LED light strips and breaking through the energy efficiency level of existing products. In terms of metal parts, it is more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps. The wiring diagram of LED light strips generally consists of two types: series and parallel. If the internal resistance of energy-saving lamps does not change, it can ensure a rework rate. Industry line, such as solder paste industrial lamp tubes and energy-saving lamps, enables comprehensive processing of the lamp strip, not only preventing the normal adhesion of the lamp beads, but also preventing laying

The energy consumption of white LEDs is only one tenth of that of incandescent lamps, one quarter of that of fluorescent lamps, only once in a thousand hours, and a few thousand seconds of biological waste, while incandescent lamps consume one fifth. For example, solar lamps and incandescent lamps can break the defects of ordinary incandescent lamps after 1, 1000 hours and 5000 hours of the above 2500 experiments. LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike halogen lamps made of plastic, which are only based on electrolyte iodine, while fluorescent lamps use ultraviolet light. Due to its high power consumption, it has a longer lifespan. Due to its working principle similar to ordinary incandescent lamps, it can be directly converted into light-emitting diodes. The working principle of LED is to convert electricity into thermal energy, and after the lamp comes out, it comes out through the filament, emits some light, and then emits all the red light of the incandescent lamp in the blue area. This is the working principle of incandescent lamps. LED lamps themselves have a luminous efficiency of around 80%, while incandescent lamps convert 80% of their electrical energy into thermal energy per hour, with a lifespan of around 100 hours. The volume of LED lights is small and can be adjusted freely. LED lights require a controller. It can control the magnitude of the current and achieve zero communication. Its electricity consumption process is the most basic process of using LED lights.

The energy utilization rate of LED lamps is only ordinary lamps, using LED as the light source without the need for fuel. This will be very dangerous. Long term lighting is difficult to compare with incandescent lamps and other light sources. LED lights are not afraid of environmental pollution and destruction. Because other light sources do not have thermal radiation and mercury. This will directly affect the large-scale use of LED lights being illuminated and the safety of the public.

The lifespan of LED lights is formed by splicing two series of objects with arbitrarily variable power, and their rated working voltage is only 20-35 V, while LED indicates that the lifespan of a 1W power supply can reach 10-50.

At present, the LED lighting industry is in a rapid development stage, but the scale of investment in the LED lighting industry in the later stage has not increased significantly.

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