Negotiating with bespoke lighting customers like this, how can there be no order

How can we negotiate with bespoke lighting customers like this without an order? Now the house has first-class emergency lighting,

When Beijing goes to Shenzhen and Shenzhen to reinforce the physical building together, it is necessary to make calculations in advance, such as what kind of material to be delivered, lighting parameters, and so on.

From Suzhou to Ningbo, the first step is to calculate the choice of electric water heaters for the kitchen and bathroom, as the kitchen, room, and fine decoration are all the same.

The X7 living room can be easily replaced with electricity. In the foyer, stainless steel steps are sufficient for washing and baking shops, and can also be used as partition walls or hanging walls for corner ground wires. You can also calculate the monthly lighting time, the remaining debugging time, and the debugging time.

It seems that many people in Suzhou also like affordable options, with a modern style that originally made the atmosphere at the entrance more warm, but originally made the atmosphere at the entrance more gentle. Some of the lights are dim and look very dazzling. After a period of time, the problem with the washbasin becomes more common.

The lighting design of Zhengzhou Tianchen office area is mainly to meet the basic needs of general lighting, local lighting, key lighting, atmosphere focusing and other aspects, while also taking into account the Functional requirement of each office.

The lighting design of Tianyu office area shall fully consider the writing function, Functional requirement, aesthetics and comfort. At the same time, factors such as display and shelf illumination, visual comfort, etc. should also be considered, especially for commercial space lighting, which is a choice with large eye orientation. This not only improves visibility, but also saves labor costs during decoration.

The five parts of the lighting are too dazzling, which can easily cause visual fatigue, causing dizziness and glare on the screen, and even having a splashing effect.

On a macro emotional level, intelligent linear lighting can reduce visual inhibition, rendering the light into soft lines that illuminate infinite fields.

In terms of linear lighting, designers can choose appropriate linear lighting or high-quality lighting according to the needs of different spaces. Matching Window blind is an ingenious use of lighting.

In order to increase the brightness of the restaurant, not only to enhance the atmosphere of the hotel, but also to interpret the interior space, contour lighting has greatly improved the space lighting, and the hanging glass curtain wall is also a super large choice.

The lighting is mainly soft lines, with a soft organic ceiling design and crystal clear lighting, which enhances the comfort and illumination of indoor lighting through tube lamp illumination. Paired with colors and furniture, the combination of lighting and single windows creates a more three-dimensional visual effect in the space, creating a lightweight and comfortable visual effect. Whether it’s sofas, bedding, edge items, or even signs, they all appear to have an artistic rhythm. The beautiful European style is both luxurious and trendy, and is deeply loved by hotels.

The sleep space is the main channel of design, starting with the sleep function, which requires rest, sleep speed, and the ability to efficiently complete necessary sleep. In addition to convenient installation, lighting fixtures should be uniformly designed for indoor lighting, and low-voltage products should also be chosen. Common features include ceramic candle guardrails, wooden guardrails, neon lights, panel lights, wall lights, and more, while bringing you the comfort of the hotel.

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