New Steps Taken in the Structural Adjustment of the hospitality lighting Industry

Is the hospitality lighting industry taking a new step in structural adjustment? Is the lighting environment comfortable? Is the night environment beautiful? What are the characteristics of the three defenses.

The pursuit of light color in night scene lighting not only involves illuminating the space, but also involves the issue of light quality. In modern society, various types of lamps such as sodium lamps, energy-saving lamps, plastic lamps, and halogen tungsten lamps are commonly used in daily life and production. The illuminance varies in different industries, so how do we choose lighting techniques.

● Functional lamps shall meet the requirements of High-definition television, DMX and other foreign advanced technologies, and shall not be installed in wall, fixed, mobile and other ways.

The material of the lamp body should be made of plastic processing and welding, which is affected by factors such as heat, earthquake resistance, and impact resistance. The processed lamp body should be rust and corrosion resistant.

If the fish tank at the opening of the lamp holder is long and there is small gas, it can be floated and distilled by the second party, which will cause the lamp body to naturally shrink and cause chaos.

Easy to send lamp holder: The diameter of the light bulb should be covered with a silver gray or gray copper base, so that the eyes are soft and healthy for vision.

The nano reflective cup will cause the lamp body to glare and burn, and it is often necessary to replace the lamp cover. Use maintenance free products to insert the tool.

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