Only with product strength can the hospitality lighting industry run fast

The hospitality lighting industry can only run fast with product strength, and it cannot do without the development of technology. The focus here is on vision.

In terms of lighting design taste, it is advocated to value space and have visual comfort, emphasizing visual pleasure and emotional pleasure. Therefore, the design of lighting should be moderate and reasonable. Using clever formulas of colors and materials to create a pleasing, soft, and layered visual effect.

The overall lighting of the restaurant emphasizes the different contrasts between family, guests, dining, and lighting, highlighting a spacious, soft, and comfortable atmosphere. Pendant lights serve as lighting around the restaurant, creating a strong visual impact when viewed from the top of adjacent floors. hospitality lighting design cannot be separated from the pursuit of brightness.

The development of technology has brought an increasing number of lighting designs with different industry patterns and usage levels to people’s lives. Intelligent lighting solutions provide a more humane, convenient, and comfortable living environment for contemporary people with their convenient, safe, energy-saving, and healthy home environment. The most common type of functional room is the large living room: dining atmosphere, warm bar table, automatic lift chair, dining chair, bar carpet, sideboard, and so on. But the most commonly used ones are still crystal lamps. After the light passes through the lampshade and undergoes a special arrangement, the situation where there are luminous eyelids is more obvious. The most ideal solution is to install it directly at the bedside, rather than becoming indirect lighting with the use of space, distance, and restaurant lighting. The direction of light illumination can be adjusted arbitrarily. The most important thing is to add a high recognition and uniform brightness functional area. The direction of light illumination is highly flexible, which can follow the direction of illumination up and down, or change with changes in the light source. It is worth mentioning that it is easy to install at the foot of the bed. It is worth mentioning that the lampshade shape associates each light source and light source together, and it can swing or swing. It is worth mentioning that if a large item like an attic is placed in a small room, it is completely satisfactory. In the space of this attic, the wires are stepped on flat and the furniture store can be easily replaced. The color tone is mainly light gray, and the station table placement can also be used as traffic. If designers do not have these effects at this stage, they can also match some warm home environments, such as setting up bedside lamps, bedside small tables, balcony window carpets, etc. You can also design a cozy home environment, as it can provide a resting place for the entire space through these three aspects. You can also place the desk lamp outside or the wall lamp outside. If you cannot find the light, adjust the light yourself. For this type of lamp, although it has different functions, there is still a disadvantage of uniformity. Reading: In addition to placing reading lamps, bedside tables, table chairs, small round table lamps, and discarded reading lamps, common lighting fixtures are also used for reading, reading, and daily services. For lighting fixtures with these functions, some light can be appropriately adjusted to meet the visual needs of rest, lighting, and leisure reading.

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