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Pendant Light Creates Beautiful Life

Pendant Light Creates Beautiful Life


Chandeliers are light fixtures hung on walls or placed on ceilings. They are decorative ornaments which are used to illuminate rooms and add a touch of class and style. Other names for chandeliers are girandole or suspended lights or candelabra lights.

Chandelier manufacturers  usually make these beautiful ornaments from glass. Girandoles come in different types such as modern chandeliers, classic chandeliers and contemporary chandeliers and are grouped by structural style.



Chandeliers consist of several lamps placed in branched fames. Most chandeliers are big and are therefore placed in open spaces such as hallways, dining rooms, living rooms, stairwells and lounges.

However, chandelier manufacturers now make smaller chandeliers which can be placed in smaller rooms or spaces such as bedrooms and smaller living rooms. Chandeliers used to be seen as status symbols and luxury. That is no longer the case, because chandelier manufacturers have made them affordable for all.

In addition to colorfully lighting up rooms, chandeliers add elegance to the environment. Chandeliers hang about 30 to 34 inches above a table in a room that is about 8 feet high.



There are different types and shapes of chandeliers. The most common is the crystal chandelier.

This type of chandelier is shining bright all over the room through a number of bulbs surrounded by glass crystals. It gives a striking effect on the room.


SHADED CHANDELIER - Shaded chandeliers are those that carry big bulbs which are surrounded by brushed glass.


CANDLE STYLE CHANDELIER - Just like the name goes, candle style chandelier is shaped like a candle. It is a combination of several styles of chandeliers. It is a partially formal style which imitates the regular candle lighting.


MINI CHANDELIER - A mini chandelier is a small chandelier made for small spaces. It is convenient for people who wish to add style to their living areas, in spite of the miniature space.


DRUM CHANDELIER - A drum chandelier is shaped like a drum. It casts a drum shaped shadow over the surroundings. This type of chandelier gives a not so bright lighting and is meant for rooms that do not require much lighting.

Drum chandeliers are meant for rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms. They are ill suited for studies, staircases and bathrooms.


EMPIRE CHANDELIER - This type of chandelier is made up of two sections. It is shaped like a cone. Empire chandeliers comprise small lights and crystals.


The most popular form of empire chandelier is the French style. Empire chandeliers are traditional and formal.


SPUTNIK CHANDELIER - A sputnik chandelier looks like a series of satellites. It is made up of branches of light extending from the center.

Some of the branches are equal while others are of random lengths. While some branches have lights on both ends, others have at just one end.


WATERFALL CHANDELIER - This is one of the results of the ingenuity of chandelier manufacturers. In this style of girandole, the crystals drip from the top, just like a waterfall.

The bottom of the chandelier could be geo shaped, square or round. Waterfall chandeliers are magnificent to behold.    


ISLAND CHANDELIER - An island chandelier is one which has various bulbs sitting on a horizontal arm. This glass could hang from not just one but two rods to balance the width of the structure. Usually, island chandeliers are shaped in form of rectangles or squares.


GLOBE CHANDELIER - A globe chandelier is shaped like a globe. It is a series of circles encircled in each other. The lights are placed in a cage like structure and drop from one central holder.


CENTRE BOWL - Centre bowl chandeliers have a main light shaped as a bowl at the bottom and are surrounded by smaller bowls at the top. Each bowl has its own light.

CAGE STYLE - This kind of chandelier is one where the illuminator or lights are fashioned like a cage. They could come in any shape. It could be shaped like a globe, rectangle, square, triangle and any other shape.



There are many uses of chandeliers. They are mainly used to decorate and beautify rooms. Chandeliers stir up feelings of serenity and calmness. These beautiful ornaments increase the value of rooms and give a sense of royalty and elegance.

Chandeliers pull focus to the centre of a room or other positions where they are placed. They give off ambience of wealth, affluence and power. Although chandeliers are predominantly decorative, their bulbs also perform the basic job of bulbs which is to give light and illuminate a room.



Pendant lights are also decorative fixtures used in beautifying homes and living areas. They are lovely to behold. They usually hang from the ceiling. Pendant light manufacturers specially craft these ornaments. Pendant light usually hang from one cord and have one or two lights. There are several materials used to make various types of pendants.


They are bronze, tiffany glass, nickel, brown glass, stained glass, brushed steel, and lamp shades. Pendant lights are lighter than chandeliers. They fit into every room of the house and are not reserved for selected, grand rooms for hosting guests. Pendant lights are more versatile in style and design. They can be used over the kitchen islands for food preparation. They are also affordable because of the availability and wide range of materials with which they are manufactured.



There are many types of pendant lights. This classy ornament just like the chandelier has the globe, drum, bowl and mini styles. In addition, it has abstract, multiple and exposed style.



For rooms that require bright light, such as the study room, place pendant lights all over the room, especially close to the reading table. For general lighting, use pendant lights that are open at the top, so that the light would not be too hot or directly on the room.

If you have tall ceilings, add bigger pendants to fill up the space and make the room cozier. Furthermore, if you have a one colour room, use big pendants to draw focus away from the monochrome.

Chandeliers and pendant lights are great decorations that not only light up your room but elevate it. A boring room would suddenly come alive with the installation of chandeliers and pendants.

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