Pendant Light

Pendant Lighting

The shape of pendant light is relatively simple, and it is mostly used in bedrooms or dining rooms. In terms of lampshade, pendant light is mostly matched with lampshade with simple shape. The color of lampshade is various, and the overall feeling is more simple.

The light of this pendant light is relatively concentrated, and it can be used in the restaurant to concentrate the light on the part of the dining table, giving people a warm feeling. The material of Pendant light lampshade is various, glass, plastic, acrylic, cloth, crystal, iron and so on. When choosing, you can choose according to the decoration style.

If the dining table is relatively long, then a single-head chandelier is not enough to illuminate the entire table. At this time, you can choose multi-head chandeliers, which are generally divided into two and three, most of which are side by side, with similar shapes. The three can be of different shapes and lengths, which are more casual and artistic.

When choosing a pendant light, first look at the electrical part of the pendant light, which has the greatest relationship with safety. When looking at it with your eyes, pay attention to the following aspects: whether the wire end of the wire is damaged; whether the lamp holder is deformed, or whether there is a cracked or missing corner; If the column is too small, it is easy to leak electricity. We are a professional pendant lighting manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!